15% off any Dell Outlet Inspiron Mini 10 / 10v

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any Dell Outlet Inspiron Mini 10 / 10v
15% off any Dell Outlet Inspiron Mini 10 / 10v
Posted: 7/9/09Expired
Promo code: GH7C1809R6LLM?
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Save 15% off any Dell Outlet Inspiron Mini 10 or Inspiron Mini 10v netbook with Dell Outlet coupon code: GH7C1809R6LLM?

At the moment, the lowest priced Outlet Mini 10 netbook available is $259. After the 15% off coupon code savings, the price would be only $220.15.

Right now the best price for an Outlet Mini 10v netbook is $239. After the discount savings of 15%, the price would be just $203.15.

Availability changes quickly, especially with this deal going on. To check the current availability and prices of refurbished Mini 10 and Mini 10v netbooks, follow our deal link to the landing page at Dell Outlet, and then use the links on the upper right side of the page.

Even if you already have a notebook computer, you may want to pick up one of these netbooks with how cheap the prices are. Since these computer are so small and lighweight, they are much easier to take with you than a regular laptop. With a deal like this, you can have a mini-computer that is so much easier to use in limited spaces like on a Starbuck's counter or on an airplane, and so much lighter to carry.

This deal will expire earlier than the posted end date of July 12, 2009 if there are 1,500 redemptions of this Dell Outlet coupon code.

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