35% off Dell Latitude 5400/5500 Laptops

Dell Small Business Deal

Dell Latitude 5400/5500 Laptops
35% off Dell Latitude 5400/5500 Laptops
Free Shipping
Posted: 12/22/09Expired
Promo code: ?LDKKFLGQL9HVP

Dell Latitude laptops feature reliability, performance, and flexibility, which makes them highly sought after.

When you use the Dell Small Business coupon code ?LDKKFLGQL9HVP for 35% off, they are also surprisingly affordable. In fact, they are downright cheap in price, especially when you factor in the Free Shipping.

This Dell coupon code is valid on Dell Latitude 5400 / 5500 laptops that are priced to at least $799 before the savings.

Simply do the math to see how cheap this can make a Dell Latitude E5400 or E5500. Say you buy a laptop for $800, which is right near the minimum price requirement. The 35% off savings from the coupon code is $280 off, so the resulting price you pay is only $520. Plus you get Free 3-5 Day Shipping.

This is for a brand-new small business laptop computer with the Dell name behind it.

However, the best deals with these percentage off Dell coupon codes aren't in buying the cheapest system. Since they are a percentage off, the discount grows as the starting price grows, so you can configure the laptop very nice, with a fast cpu, more memory, a bigger hard drive, Microsoft Office, etc., knowing that you will save 35% off all the upgrades as well.

For example, if you configure a $1000 system, the discount grows to $350. At $1200 the savings grow to $420, and at $1500 the savings are a whopping $525. Yes, that would mean a $1500 laptop would end up costing less than $1000 ($975 to be exact) and you would get free shipping.

If you aren't familiar with them Latitude laptops are quality portable computers designed for small businesses and corporate use. However, they also work great for a typical home user, who also like optimized performance and robust reliability.

The 5500 and 5400 lines are very similar, but the 5400 is just a little smaller and more portable than the 5500. (E5400 notebooks have a 14.1" screen, while E5500 notebooks have a 15.4" screen.)

This offer is limited to one coupon per customer and is good for one time use only. Offers are non-transferable and are not combinable with other offers, discounts or coupons. This coupon code is only valid on Latitude Laptops E5400 / E5500 priced at $799 or more. This deal excludes all Fast Track systems (e-value codes: blcwdqs, blcwdqsb, blcweqs, blcweqsb, blcwfqs, blcwfqsb, blcwem3, blcwem2, blcwem4, blcwfmb, blcwbmb, blcwcqs, blcwdqs2, blcwdq20) Lati Z, Lati XFR, Lati XT2 Tablet, Lati XT Tablet, Lati XT2 XFR Tablet, Lati 2100, E6400 ATG and Latitude 4300/4200. It also excludes e-value code: bldadm9. There is a limit of 5 promotional items per customer.

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