Dell Mini 9 Netbook for $199

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Dell Mini 9 Netbook for $199
Buy a Dell Mini 9 Netbook Computer for $199 - 2 Days Only!
Posted: 9/8/09Expired
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Buy a portable computer for under $200! For only 2 days you can get a Dell Mini 9 netbook computer for just $199 after $40 in instant savings.

This is an ultra-portable computer. In fact, it is Dell's most compact mini.

If you have a desktop computer, or even if you have a regular notebook PC, there are many benefits to owning a netbook. Having such a small and lightweight computer means you can take it virtually anywhere.

For just $199 you can buy this Dell Mini 9 and then you can take advantage of WiFi hotspots that are all over the place. At many coffee shops, restaurants and other locations you'll be able to browse the Internet, read email, etc.

With mobile phones, like Apple's iPhone, the screen is too small and you don't have a regular keyboard. This makes it really hard to type things, see a regular Web page or document, or be productive in general.

This Dell Mini 9 is the perfect solution to being very mobile, yet still giving you the capabilities to be productive.

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