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Free Shipping on Alienware Desktops
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Use the Dell coupon code $GS0VDRCJQH841 to get Free Shipping on Alienware desktop computers. Alienware computers are top-performance systems designed for playing the latest 3D PC games at incredible speeds and resolutions.

There are various models of Alienware desktops, but they share some things in common: power, speed, high-tech features, and cool designs.

Alienware Aurora is the more compact computer, with a MicroATX form factor. The Area-51 is larger with room for more power and the most upgrades. There are also Aurora ALX and Area 51 ALX models. The ALX versions are high-end, premium versions with a really nice (balanced and powerful) package of upgrades included.

Alienware computers come with Intel Core i7 processors, for the most speed you can get. With liquid-cooling the CPU is more effectively cooled than with a traditional heatsink/fan. This is actually a lot quieter, and it results in more reliable overclocking due to the more efficient cooling.

These computers also come with high-bandwidth tri-channel DDR3 memory. You can actually load these up with up to 24GB of 1333MHz DDR3 RAM. There are plenty of hard drive options as well, including RAID for high performance and/or high data reliability.

For playing the latest 3D games at the best resolutions and highest details, quality video cards are of the utmost importance. With these PCs you have a choice of different high-speed video cards. You actually can choose solutions from nVidia GeForce and ATI Radeon, so you can go with whichever brand you favor.

For the maximum performance, you can go with a dual graphics card options, choosing an SLI enabled nVidia GeForce solution or a CrossfireX enabled ATI Radeon system. For example, you can upgrade to dual 1.8GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 or dual 1GB GDDR5 ATI Radeon HD 5870 video cards.

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