50% off HTC RE Waterproof Digital Camera (Orange)

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HTC RE Waterproof Digital Camera (Orange)
$100 off HTC RE 16.0MP Waterproof Digital Camera RECAMERA-T
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Be ready to capture special moments with this HTC RE RECAMERA-T digital camera, which allows 1-handed operation and features a grip sensor that turns the camera on automatically when it is picked up. The 16.0MP CMOS sensor delivers crisp, detailed images.

  • Grip Sensor No fumbling with the on/off switch. An automatic sensor detects your grip for instant-on use.‚Äč
  • Ergonomic Design Subtle size and form-fitting grip fits your hand naturally for distraction-free use.
  • One-Button Control Tap for photos, press for videos. Seamless control eliminates the need for a photo/video mode switch.
  • Ultra-Wide Angle Lens No need for a viewfinder. 146 degree ultra-wide view captures everything.

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