$343 off Jet City Amplification Guitar Amp

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Jet City Amplification Guitar Amp
53% off Jet City Amplification 20W Tube Guitar Amp JCA2112RC
Price $299.99
List Price $642.99
Discount $343 (53%)
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The Jet City JCA2112RC is a "combo" of the JCA20H and JCA12S, with tube-driven reverb included. Easy-access speaker connectors on the rear panel allow the JCA2112RC combo amp to drive external speaker cabs either with or without the internal Jet City Eminence Custom driver. Stacked on an additional JCA12S, the speaker volume doubles and the added height brings the controls to arm's length in a small club. For ease of use at live gigs controls are top-mounted, and all Jet City combos include real, tube-driven spring reverb.

Jet City's keep-it-simple approach to tube amp design speaks for itself. With simple controls, cool cosmetics, and sensible pricing, this 20-watt Jet City amplifier offers a taste of the good life, at a fraction of the cost. Each tube guitar amp is meticulously hand-built and rigorously tested, ensuring 100% legit tone, and unflinching reliability.

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