33% off Latitude E5400 and E5500 Laptops

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Latitude E5400 and E5500 Laptops
33% off Latitude E5400 and E5500 Laptops
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Posted: 6/28/09Expired
Promo code: PWW3W5B4FZR936

Instant discount of 33% off Dell Latitude E5400 and E5500 laptops priced at $979 or more with Dell Small Business coupon code: PWW3W5B4FZR936

Plus there is a limited time offer of free 3-5 day shipping on notebooks prices $599 or more.

The Dell Latitude E5400 is an affordable laptop with a 14.1" screen that is designed for business use, but regular consumers will also like its quality and features. The Dell Latitude E5500 is a very similar notebook, but with a 15.4" screen. It is a good choice for people that need a larger screen in their notebook PC.

Latitude laptops are really good for business use, such as running Microsoft Office, writing documents, browsing the Internet and using email. This means that they aren't just portable computers for businesses, but anyone that does this kind of work such as students and many home users.

They are affordable, yet have high quality. They are designed to be portable and have long battery life. They also incorporate advanced security services to keep your data safe. Plus, these notebooks are designed to be easy to manage.

However, Latitudes are not very good for video games or playing high definition movies. They are designed for work like running Web browsers, word processors, spreadsheets, presentations and other office applications. They do not have high-end video accelerators to make them good for playing the latest 3D games or for decoding high definition video and audio streams.

Since this Dell coupon code is for 33% off, it means that you save more when you spend more. So go ahead–Upgrade the performance, increase the memory, max out the storage capacity, and add the optional features you want.

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