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Madden NFL 17 (PS4)
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  • Ball-Carrier Feedback System: New prompts and path assist help identify defensive threats and recommend special moves to elude any defender.
  • Pass and Rush Counters: Simplify play-calling on defense. Think you know what your opponent is going to do, but don't know the defensive formation to stop it? Decide to defend the pass or run and let your defense do the rest. Featuring the most realistic defensive AI to date, grounded in current NFL strategies, all-new "Gap Play" puts your defenders in the box, in position to stop the run up the middle, while your zone defense delivers on pass coverage.
  • Special Teams: Welcome the excitement of special teams back to Madden NFL. The ability to ice the kicker matches the challenge in today's critical field goal attempts, while new elements of risk and reward through trick plays and blocked kicks can now change the outcome of any game in one play.

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