15% off Mini 10 and 10v Netbooks

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Mini 10 and 10v Netbooks
15% off Mini 10 and 10v Netbooks
Posted: 8/6/09Expired
Promo code: ?H?8LL??PC3FDL
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Get a hot deal on a Dell Mini Netbook. Right now you can use Dell coupon code number ?H?8LL??PC3FDL to save 15% instantly on ALL Mini 10 and Mini 10v netbook computers that are priced at $459 or more.

After clicking the link you will find 4 different starting configurations of Mini 10 and 10v netbooks. There are two Mini 10v configurations—one for $299 and one for $329. There are also two Mini 10 configurations—one for $349 and one for $399.

So even with the most expensive starting configuration, you will still need to add in some upgrades to reach the $459 minimum price. If you configure one for exactly $459, after the 15% off savings of $68.85, the netbook would cost just $390.15.

These Dell Mini 10/10v netbooks are great to buy even if you already have a desktop or notebook computer. They are much smaller and lighter than most laptops, yet are still big on wireless networking.

Given their compact size, they are much easier to bring with you (whether to class at school, through TSA security at the airport, sitting on the airplane, or at your local Starbucks), and they work great for browsing the Web, checking email, instant messaging, interfacing to cell phones (Bluetooth option), and downloading pictures to digital cameras.

They have wireless-g built-in to access WiFi hotspots at coffee shops, restaurants, airplanes, etc. However, you can also add Mobile Broadband to your Dell Mini 10 netbook so you can access the Internet from most populated areas using the cellular data networks. These means you can browse the net and send/receive email even when you are no where near a WiFi hotspot and have no local network connection.

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