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Rocktron Hypnotic Flanger Pedal
$100 off Rocktron Hypnotic Guitar Flanger Pedal
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The Hypnotic Flange from Rocktron will put you and your guitar into a trance with its unique take on the standard flange effect.

The ultra-cool “hypnotic mode” actually becomes a random low frequency oscillator! This random mode dances anywhere from an arpeggio sound to a randomized chorus sound.Trust us, you have never heard a flanger quite like the Hypnotic. We surprised even ourselves with this stomp box!

The Rate control sets the speed of the modulation, while Depth controls the intensity of the modulation. The Manual control changes the modulation delay time. Feedback control varies the regeneration of the modulated output. Trance randomizes the low frequency oscillator providing that great sonic twist we’re raving about! An FX/Level control is also provided, along with single input, mono/stereo output. The Hypnotic Flange is built into Rocktron’s heavy duty chassis and equipped with our easy-access battery compartment that makes changing batteries during a gig a breeze.

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