$50 off Stackable Coupon Code for Vostro Desktops

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Stackable Coupon Code for Vostro Desktops
$50 off Stackable Coupon Code for Vostro Desktops
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Posted: 9/10/09Expired
Promo code: VW?MHC2KQH074Z

Dell stackable coupon codes tend to be the best deals, but they don't come around often. Right now there is a stackable Dell coupon code VW?MHC2KQH074Z for an extra $50 off Dell Vostro desktops priced $699 and up. Plus there is Free Shipping at this time!

Stackable coupons are an additional discount on top of other savings, which is why these deals are so incredible.

Vostro 220 Mini Tower systems currently have instant savings of up to $360, while a Vostro 220s Slim Tower has instant savings of $506. The biggest instant savings available on a Vostro 420 Tower is $361. With the addition $50 discount, these become total discounts of $410, $556 and $411.

These incredible discounts are not the end of the story either, as there is also Free Shipping on systems priced at $599 or more.

Although the one Vostro 220s Slim Tower configuration has the biggest savings, I think that the Dell Vostro 420 Tower with instant savings of $361 is the best value.

This Vostro 420 is listed as the "Performance Package) with quad core processing. It has a starting price ofr $1,060 and instant savings of $361 for a subtotal of $699. Then take the extra $50 off from the stackable coupon code and it is just $649 + Free Shipping.

This system comes with a 18.5" flat panel monitor, Intel Core 2 Quad processor, 3GB DDR2, 320GB hard drive, 16X DVDRW, 512MB ATI Radeon HD 4350 and Windows Vista Business Bonus w/ XP Professional option.

Note: At the moment this stackable discount is not stacking. Hopefully Dell Small Business will correct this shortly, as it is supposed to be a additional "stack-able" discount.

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