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Sto-Away Gigantic Space Saving Vacuum Bags
70% off Sto-Away Gigantic Space Saving Vacuum Bags
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Posted: 1/22/18
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Need a cheap and easy way to add extra storage space? Want to keep winter blankets and clothes in the basement but hate the smell and moisture down there? Do you want an effective way to protect and organize your bulky belongings while tripling your storage space? Well look no further. These Sto-Away Model 82-9320-NR space saving vacuum bags help to quickly compress and store dresses, suits, pillows, sweaters, quilts, drapes or blankets. All you need to do is load up the storage bag, hook the hose from your household vacuum to the air port on the bag and turn on the vacuum. The extra air is removed and your possessions are protected from water, dirt, insects and odors. Not to mention you will only be using a fraction of the storage space.

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