$309 off Studio XPS 13 Laptop

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Studio XPS 13 Laptop
$309 off Studio XPS 13 Laptop
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If you want a compact portable laptop that features top quality and high performance, this hot deal on a Dell Studio XPS 13 laptop computer is for you.

Save $309 instantly on this loaded Studio XPS 13, and get free shipping. With this discount the system is just $1,099, and it is loaded with features and power.

As mentioned, this Dell Studio XPS 13 laptop is quite powerful. It has a 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P7350 with 3MB of cache and a 1066MHz front side bus. This means you have plenty of computing power for the most demanding applications.

It also has 4GB of DDR3 memory. With 4GB of memory, you can run many applications at once, without a major slowdown from hard drive swapping. It really helps to have plenty memory, since Windows Vista needs a lot of memory to run smoothly. Plus, this DDR3 memory runs at 1066MHz, and is really high performance. Compare this to most other mainstream laptops and you will find that they probably have older, lower-performance DDR2 memory.

This laptop comes with a 500GB SATA hard drive. This is the largest available laptop hard drive at this time, and gives you tons of storage space for videos, digital pictures, data files, etc.

This Studio XPS 13 also comes with with a 256MB Nvidia GeForce 9500M graphics card. Having a video accelerator like this with discrete video memory can really help performance. The Vista Aero interface runs much better with a good graphics card like this GeForce 9500M, and it is critical for playing the latest 3D games smoothly.

This laptop also comes with wireless-n. Most mainstream laptops only come with wireless-g support. As you may know, 802.11n is the next generation wireless networking technology after 802.11g, and it is much faster. However, since wireless-n is backwards compatible with wireless-g, you can still use this with older routers and WiFi hotspots.

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