American Eagle Reviews

American Eagle Reviews

American Eagle Rating Overall American Eagle has a 4.4 star rating based on 19 user reviews.

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5 Stars i like your boyfriend jeans

the jeans has a nice fit

(Posted at 3:06 pm on July 18, 2013.)


I love the jeans that fit so perfect I am skinny and even the waist area fits perfect.

(Posted at 12:37 pm on January 6, 2013.)

5 Stars Son opinion

They have quality products and my teenage son loves to wear their clothing and shorts, belts, hats and jeans.

I give there product 100% rating

(Posted at 6:48 pm on July 14, 2012.)

5 Stars Perfume and clearance

You have the best smelling perfume. I got it for my 17 for Christmas and she loooovvvves it. Also I love going into the store to find deals, and there usually are some.

(Posted at 7:16 pm on March 20, 2012.)

5 Stars Love This Store

American Eagle is my favorite store. I have shopped here for as long as I can remember. They have the most comfortable casual clothes. Their tees or camis are made out of the softest material. They always have sales in store and online. You can sign up for emails or texts for even more discounts. They offer mens and womens clothing and accessories. I mostly shop from the womens attire. Returning/Exchanging items very easy even if you purchased online. I honestly can't think of anything I dislike about this store. I highly recommend American Eagle you won't be disappointed.

(Posted at 10:38 pm on March 9, 2011.)

3 Stars clothing

you do not have much to choose from online and you are out of alot of sizes i need

(Posted at 7:11 pm on December 9, 2010.)

5 Stars I am an American Eagle Lover!!!!

I am a mother of a 15 year old young man. I buy all his clothes at American Eagle and I do most of my other shopping for Christmas there as well. There are gifts for all ages. I love the discounts they send for regular shoppers... the quality and price just cant be beat. Thank You American Eagle.

(Posted at 12:32 pm on November 30, 2010.)

5 Stars American Eagle Review

I have been shopping at American Eagle for many years and am very impressed with the quality of the clothes. I am also happy with the many sales and the use of my access card.

(Posted at 9:16 am on November 28, 2010.)

5 Stars Great store fun employees

I have always been happy with the service and the quality of the clothing at American eagle. I love shopping there and my kids love the clothes.

(Posted at 8:43 am on November 24, 2010.)

5 Stars awesome store.

American Eagle is the best store i shop there all the time. It is a great store for teens and young adults. Their clothes are so comfy and long lasting.

(Posted at 1:09 pm on November 13, 2010.)

5 Stars I love American Eagle clothing

Some folks may argue that the clothes is expensive but what can you expect from high quality. You heard the term "you get what you pay for" this is true for the most part but when you're a smart shopper looking for deals and clearances is something to look out for. I recently purchased a very nice shirt that was half off, plus my coupon it was another 20% less.. I'm satisfied and the shirt will last me a long time too.

(Posted at 11:38 pm on June 28, 2010.)

4 Stars Lasting

Overally a very good store. I've been wearing it for years now and it still hasn't become unpopular. They have great designs and nice casual clothing. It's a great trendy store for young adults.

(Posted at 6:01 pm on June 9, 2010.)

5 Stars good return policy

You can shop online and then return in the store- some other stores don't allow that. I bought a shirt and wanted a different size once I got to try it on, I went to the store and since they didn't have it in stock, they offered to ship it for no extra charge.

(Posted at 1:27 pm on June 7, 2010.)

3 Stars Overpriced Clothes, Great Service

American Eagle sells high quality clothes, but they are way overpriced. Their women's shirts are shockingly thin and shockingly pricey. I wasn't happy with the merchandise, however the service is very pleasant. All of the stores I've been in have had a greeter that made me feel welcome. If you've got money, American Eagle is the place to go. However, it isn't ideal for back to school shopping.

(Posted at 9:31 pm on May 20, 2010.)

4 Stars American Eagle: Great Prices, Great Clearance

American Eagle always has some of the coolest clothes to choose from and some of the best prices for these clothes. The clearance section either in their stores or online has cheaper varieties of still-great clothes to choose from. I love the feel of the store when you walk in and how inviting it is. I sometimes see the shorts as being too expensive though. I feel they should be a little cheaper.

(Posted at 8:45 pm on May 16, 2010.)

4 Stars cute summer clothes

American Eagle is a great alternative to Abercrombie for less expensive but still cute summer clothing. You may not be able to wear their very short shorts if you're above 30, though I still do! They are very short.

(Posted at 2:55 pm on May 4, 2010.)

3 Stars Not so good.

American Eagle is way over priced and sometimes I can't stand the smell of the store.

(Posted at 1:29 pm on February 10, 2010.)

5 Stars Wear It Until It Falls Apart

All of my tanks come from here. They're so soft and they have them in every color. I love to layer them under a shirt for an extra pop of color or throw them on with shorts in the summer. I finally wore a hole in one after wearing it almost every other day for two years. Their jeans are very durable too. I'm surprised some of mine are still wearable after what I've put them through.

(Posted at 9:46 pm on January 17, 2010.)

4 Stars Fasionable but expensive

American Eagle has nice clothes. I bought my favorite pair of jeans there. But it is a little expensive for my taste. The staff was very nice in assisting me with my decisions and the girl who was helping commented on what would look good on me.

It was a good experience, just expensive

(Posted at 7:14 pm on November 19, 2009.)

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