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Apple Store Rating Overall Apple Store has a 4.6 star rating based on 163 user reviews.

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4 Stars nano

got a pretty good deal on my ipod nano

(Posted at 4:37 am on November 30, 2009.)

5 Stars Apple Store - Delaware, Christiana

Every trip to the store has been a good experience for me; friendly workers, experienced and confident. I've taken a few products to be diagnosed; my daughter's Sliver IPod and the original IPod Nano. They both had a good life but now I've purchased an IPod Touch to replace them. Most likely will purchase a Mac for other daughter heading to college. These products cost a good penny. It's important that the people behind the product and selling the product have excellent customer service and I think those working this store do that!

(Posted at 8:48 pm on November 27, 2009.)

5 Stars A is for Apple

Great store. Great product. Got an IMAC PRO and good price and free Ipod. Once you go Mac you'll never go back.

(Posted at 8:05 pm on November 21, 2009.)

5 Stars What's cool about Apple Store

What's cool about Apple Store is it takes you right into the site and offers you simple options to choose from. It is so easy to find exactly what you want. The prices are clear, the specials are clear and the shipping information is clear. Ordering from Apple Store is one of the easiest orders ever. In a few minutes you can pick out what you want, personalize it and have it shipped. That's what's cool about Apple Store!

(Posted at 3:23 pm on November 20, 2009.)

4 Stars Great Quality, a little expensive

Apple products are high quality (I have an ipod shuffle, ipod touch, and a macbook). Customer service is great, especially Apple Care. My only complaint is that the prices aren't very competitive.

(Posted at 9:14 pm on November 8, 2009.)

5 Stars Our first Apple pc

We had a great experience at the store. They suggested we have our college son come in when we made the purchased so we could get a student discount. We also received a free ipod when we purchase our pc. I was very happy when they told me they could transfer the data from my old Dell (that had a virus)on to our new Apple. I haven't made it in to any classes yet, but hope to this winter. All around it was one of the best shopping experience I have had in a long time. Our purchased was made at the West Town Mall in Madison, Wi. My son has Mac pro. My 17 year old daughter can't wait for her graduation gift.

(Posted at 7:00 pm on November 4, 2009.)

5 Stars A high 5 rating!

First time in the Apple Store. Immaculate. Friendly. Knowledgeable. Very very helpful. Iphone issues...appointment made for 4:30 pm. Exactly at 4:30 a techie came out to help us. Located the problem - even after warranty was past due by a week. Problem addressed and we were made aware that should issue arise once more, new iphone would be issued.

It was a great experience for my youngest as well as she played games on the mac computer while we were dealing with the techie. A great experience had by all. Wish every encounter with service retailers could reflect even a bit of apple's awesome customer service.

(Posted at 11:39 am on November 3, 2009.)

5 Stars Apple Store (Ipod touch ) #1 A+++++++++

All I can say time and time again

is WoW Wow and Wow

Apple has done it again

this is the third christmas

that I was able to forfill

my sons apple wishes for an IPod

with the prices being so high

I can always count on Apple to

have a refurbished ipod that

will do the trick to make

him smile at xmas-- 1 it was ipod shuffle

xmas--- 2 it was ipod nano and now

it is ipod touch (they truly never

disappoint with a warranty for 1 year

and in perfect condition, fast delivery

and free shipping) what more could you

ever ask for my teen is smiling each

and every year and with the discounted

price it can't be beat thank you again

apple for caring for a single mom

like myself....

forever a grateful customer

(Posted at 7:33 pm on November 2, 2009.)

5 Stars Apple Store in Arrowhead

The Apple store in Arrowhead mall is open, bright, good sized and very hands on. There are plenty of people to help with questions and help you figure things out. Even though the prices seem high, the quality of the products are quite excellent. All the workers are friendly and the store is always busy. It's a fun place to go.

(Posted at 9:19 pm on November 1, 2009.)

5 Stars Apple, I love you

Apple products are different from any other stuff you can find on the market. Yes, they are pricey, they worth every single penny you spend on them. Number 1 thing about the products is, of course, design. I have no idea who are those designers who work for Apple, but they do their job really well. Apple is so many years ahead of everyone. They created so many features for laptops, mp3 players, desktops, etc. that I could've never imagined.

The only thing I am not happy about is a relatively poor customer service. Apple, please, solve this problem and you'll be the best merchant ever.

(Posted at 1:13 am on October 26, 2009.)

5 Stars Great deals, great service!

My family and I have been customers of the Apple Store for many years. We always find the best prices on all the quality Apple products we are looking for. In addition their customer service is second to none. Thanks Apple Store! You make tech buying easy!

(Posted at 8:43 pm on October 15, 2009.)

4 Stars Love this website!!

The Apple store is used by my family a lot! Where else can you find everything you need for your Apple?

(Posted at 8:00 am on October 13, 2009.)

5 Stars There is nothing like the Apple store

There is nothing like the Apple store, alway use it for my son!

(Posted at 7:59 am on October 13, 2009.)

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