Bass Pro Shop Reviews

Bass Pro Shop Reviews

Bass Pro Shop Rating Overall Bass Pro Shop has a 4.6 star rating based on 14 user reviews.

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5 Stars Wish there where more ocations'

I love this store unfortunately they are located over 100 miles away

(Posted at 7:58 pm on November 29, 2015.)

4 Stars christmas shopping

I went to the tempe az store and everyone was very nice the store was clean and well organized,I found what i wanted and there were no lines to wait in,a very good shopping experience.

(Posted at 5:30 pm on December 3, 2012.)

4 Stars Good

We have always enjoy shoppping at Bass Pro. The kids enjoy the fish.

(Posted at 3:53 pm on March 24, 2011.)

5 Stars Items easy to locate

I enjoy the shopping experience at Bass Pro Shop the items are easily assessable, and any questions I have are answered by a knowledgeable staff member. They not only answer all my questions but also show that they really have an interest in helping you!

Love your store!!!!!

(Posted at 7:16 am on March 20, 2011.)

4 Stars Springfield Missouri Store is Like Museum

The Springfield, Missouri store is like a wildlife museum. Fish tanks and ponds, fish feeding shows, stuffed wildlife and birds are all over the store. It's great for all ages. They have any outdoor thing you could imagine. The prices are very high, however, which is the only problem with Bass Pro.

(Posted at 10:50 pm on November 30, 2010.)

5 Stars it's been awhile, since i've been in but.....

because we are a one income family,with 1 in college, and with our son is in the navy,along this economy, the store reminds me of him and days gone makes me wish we could have a do-over... wish i could afford to buy him so much more. but its sure to get out heat, and buy a few little things.and its nice to remember all of our kids different stages. thanks for the memories....

(Posted at 11:24 pm on August 10, 2010.)

5 Stars bast store

Bass Pro Shop is the best store in the world, I love to go there and look their fish and other things.

(Posted at 6:42 am on May 28, 2010.)

5 Stars Wow

Bass pro is so well put together it beggers belive. I love all aspects of this site.

Its great for baby and kids to Home and garden.

Well done Bass Pro, im here time and time again.

(Posted at 8:26 am on May 18, 2010.)

3 Stars Great Atmosphere with Quality Products and Friendly Service

I recently visited the Bass Pro Shop in Prattville, AL searching for fishing lures and camping supplies and was overwhelmed by the cheery customer service and selection of quality items.

Immediately I was welcomed by a cheerful face as I entered the store and asked if I needed any help. I was directed to the camping section of the store, but ended up wandering through several sections before arriving at camping.

I was impressed by the well designed floor lay-out and the spacious feeling presented by the sales floor. In every section a helpful employee asked if I needed help finding anything and answered any questions I had with honesty and thorough knowledge of the product.

I quickly found what I needed in the camping section yet spent another 45 minutes walking around the store viewing the assortment of products and astounding fish tanks.

The next time I come here I will bring the whole family! The kids would love it!

Thanks for a wonderful experience in your store and I hope your business stays strong in this shaky economy.

God Bless,

Ky Palmore

(Posted at 2:06 pm on May 17, 2010.)

5 Stars Customer service on GPS

I was pleased with the professional level of service provided by the Marine supply group as they explained in detail all of the differences between the different GPS electronics. I purchased two units and a new trolling motor. I needed additional information later and they were able to satisfy all of my questions by phone.

(Posted at 2:08 pm on April 13, 2010.)

5 Stars "Anything for Another Angler"

I recently came into Bass Pro Shop to grab a few things for my fishing trip the next morning. While I was checking out I left my spools to my Shimano reels near the register.

The next morning when my friends came to pick me up I noticed they were missing. It was 6:00 am and really did not think anyone would answer the phone. Much to my surprise not only did someone answer, but he could see my spools. He said he would meet me out front with them. When I said thanks he said "Anything for Another Angler"

Here's to you Bass Pro and to all the true professionals that work for you!

(Posted at 12:33 pm on March 27, 2010.)

5 Stars The Good Deed,the Cell Phone, and the Waterfall!

What does Bass Pro Shop mean to me??? It means that I can get as many outdoor photo's without freezing my ba-donk-a-donk off! I find that store to bring our family together in so many ways!!

This particular trip proved to be an adventure for our family! My usual trip with my fisherman hubby consisted of many awesome pictures of my kids attempting to smile pretty when they really wanted to throw me over into the waterfall and pray that one of those bears would come to life and eat me and my camera! As a mother of four teens I have learned really fast to hate cell phones! Text messaging ruins our communication and on this particular day it almost cost my 13 year old daughter Jordan $100.00!

Jordan and I stopped several places for pictures including the little "out house" that is a dressing room (cute, cute, cute) and the bathroom where the big water bird stands. Our walk past the waterfall of course was interrupted by a text message (for the twentieth time since entering the store) so I had her sit on the ledge just perfect so I could snap a photo after she answered her text. I just had to be able to capture the fishing mannequin's on each side of her as well as the water! When we finished her photo session we both walked around the store a little more! Before long Jordan realized that she had left her little wallet at the waterfall. As we quickly made our way back to the waterfall it was to our dismay that the wallet was gone!! That was a majority of her Christmas money that she had saved until February (none of my other kids can save money for one week). I felt like fish guts floating in that huge acquarium praying a fish would gulp me up!! I know it was the text messaging (did I mention how bad I hate cell phones?) that was partly to blame but not in her mind! She was beating herself up and I was beating myself up when suddenly... out of nowhere came two ladies with smiles on their faces!! One of the ladies asked us if we had lost something and we explained that Jordan had lost her wallet when we were taking pictures. They smiled and asked us to describe it. After describing it correctly one of them walked us to the front of the building where they had turned it in!

Jordan got her wallet back! How rare this truly was and both of these ladies deserve recognition for their truly wonderful good deed! Unfortunately I didn't get their names; however, they know who they are. I do know that they worked back where the big boats/toys were and they were both white females.

So much bad is going on in our society today. You hardly ever hear of anything good unless it's a hurricane or volcano relief effort. What these two ladies didn't understand is that this was her Christmas money that she had saved for two months!! What they also don't know is that she spent every last penny in that store that day and I think it was her way of giving back!

Hey Ladies, do me a favor... if you run into us again and you see her lay down her cell phone. Would you throw it into the waterfall??? LOL, just kidding! (sorta)

(Posted at 4:10 pm on February 20, 2010.)

5 Stars (Nauseated) Wife of a Fisherman...

Hi! I am the wife of a dedicated fisherman!! My worst nightmare is walking into a store full of "men stuff!" Really it makes me nauseated - my hubby and I don't spend alot of time together (work, work, work) so when we shop we like to do it together. Of course I enjoy "my" shops but his...ugh!!!

Well the day came that he decided that he wanted to go to the Bass Pro Shop (in Prattville, Alabama) to look around. As I smiled outwardly (and held my stomach inwardly) we began our trip to the store. Neither of us had ever been to a Bass Pro Shop store before and I was just gritting my teeth the entire way praying this was a small store that we could easily walk in and out of quickly. As we pulled into the parking lot I was amused at how pretty the scenic areas were as we drove the winding road into the parking lot. Around about the last curve I caught a view of the huge rustic building. "Wow", I thought to myself,"that is a huge building!" How pretty it was on the outside I just knew that I had to take my camera to get a few pictures of the kids outside that building. My entrance to he building was just as pleasant as the pull into the parking lot (to my suprise!) How incredible this place is!!! There are lots of animals all over the place, wildlife is everywhere!! There is a cave, a waterfall, and a HUGE aquarium! My husband laughed at me as I made the kids pose everywhere in this building!!!!! (yes, even the restroom!)

As you have probably guessed I am a huge photo freak!! There is nothing that has occured in our lives that I don't have pictures to remember it by. This store was so totally awesome!! I even found a really pretty necklace for my graduate at that store! It was a time bottle with sand inside- I waited to buy it though so we could go back later for more pictures!! We have been back several times and everytime there is a new place to get pictures!!

Other than picture areas I have some Bass Pro Shop favorites. My first love is their fudge in the fudge shop!! Dieters give it up- this stuff is sinfully good!!! I also like the store inside that carries different candles, foods, pictures, conforters, and even pillows!! I also enjoy going upstairs and playing shoot out with the kids!! There is an area set up that you can target practice shooting different animals. When you do hit the bulls eye a really cool thing happens- either the headlights of a run down car turn on or something awesome like smoke from a chimney!

I almost forgot one of the most important things about ANY store... the staff. At the Bass Pro Shop in Prattville, Alabama the staff is so down to earth and helpful!! If you can't find it they can always help! Get this... two weeks ago my hubby was shopping and I was shooting pictures (yes, again). My 13 year old daughter carried in her cell phone (which I hate) and her little wallet which still had about $100.00 of her Christmas money inside. Because of the text messaging and her photo happy Mom she left her wallet at the waterfall. Before long she started missing it and realized that she left it at the waterfall. I felt terrible! We began to look around for the wallet when a store associate came up to us and asked what we were looking for. We told her how Jordan had laid her wallet down and she said that she had picked it up and that we could get it from the front service area! I was amazed!!! The money was still in it and we actually got it back!!! Now- that is very rare! I would once again like to say, "Thanks" to both of the ladies who were paying enough attention to their customers to notice what we were doing!

So... from the wife of a fisherman who hates "men" stores- I would suggest that the ladies try this one out! If you like taking photo's this is the place!! Where else would you get a picture of your child standing by a life size black bear??

Happy shopping! Great, now I feel the need for more pictures...

(Posted at 3:08 pm on February 20, 2010.)

5 Stars Great outdoor store

Each chance I get I shop this store. They offer great sale deals and good customer service. They also have a great selection.

(Posted at 9:59 am on November 29, 2009.)

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