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Best Buy Rating Overall Best Buy has a 4.4 star rating based on 1534 user reviews.

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5 Stars lovin it

I love best buy. They are always helpful and always have great deals. The people always know what they are talking abot as well.

(Posted at 8:45 pm on November 21, 2009.)



(Posted at 6:54 pm on November 21, 2009.)

1 Stars Its not Worth the Money

I would rather have a mac... enough said

(Posted at 1:28 pm on November 21, 2009.)

4 Stars Overall good service/good products

I have purchased many items from Best Buy. My home theatre system was purchased and installed by your company. Your employees are generally helpful and well informed. I usually check there first for price and availability of items.

(Posted at 12:32 pm on November 21, 2009.)

5 Stars customer service

We shop with Best Buy all of the time and have found nothing but exceptional customer service. We have worked with car audio (best in the region), home theater install and the computer department. Nothing but the finest at our Best Buy (AppleGlen Fort Wayne, IN).

(Posted at 9:50 am on November 21, 2009.)

4 Stars Senior On the Loose In Store

Visiting the Bellingham Wa store last week to find

a printer for creating artist copies of my childrens' books, I found the 'kids' in blue very helpful and the store plan fairly intuitive...but you had NO wide paper printers. What's up with all of the scrapbooking going on?..these would be VERY good to have on hand...some are around $300. and great buys. I had to go to your website where there were a few and I will finally choose one.

Glad to have you in our town...but sorry to not be able to try out the printers I wanted.

Deanna Walker

(Posted at 12:22 am on November 21, 2009.)

5 Stars Went in Frustrated, Came out thrilled!

I was trying to replace my desktop computer after losing everything on the hard drive. I got advice from our computer guy and set about looking for what he recommended. After hours on the inernet I went to the Best Buy on Watson in St. Louis. Adam was the sales associate who helped and he turned what I expected to be a nightmare experience into the most wonderful experience I could possibly have hope for. He was very knowledgeable and narrowed down my search in a matter of minutes. I left feeling very confident that I had gotten the best deal and exactly what I needed. My computer guy came to network everything and complemented me on my great purchase. Thanks to Adam, I am a fan!

(Posted at 9:14 pm on November 20, 2009.)

4 Stars i was deployed to best buy by my wife for recon

I was sent on a reconnissionc by my wife to find her a laptop. i have made it in through the front gates to find a cornacopia of choices in the laptop area of the compound. i made my way past the cellphone stand and all the Ipod people. to find frindlys working in the area of my attenion .. they quickly informed me of all my choices dealing with ram the reasoning for the new windows 7 v/s Vista.. i was looking for AMD based laptops for the wife with a webcam. and was directed to the right AOR for my choices within the Laptops but ended up looking at INtel with a Toshiba - Satellite Laptop with Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor - Midnight Breeze .it is what i am leaning toward.. since i will for real be leaving for a year it will have everything that my wife will need to help keep us intouch...while there i heard what i tought were screams but found it to be the Car audio section of the compuond and i hurryed over there to investagate what i could outift into my SUV...finnally after i found my self there for 4 hrs i quickly returned to my home base were i informed my wife.. of all that i had learned ref to Laptops.but kept the Car audio info in secret due to the fact she did not have the clearnce to be informed at this time... overall the bestbuy compund was very clean with friendly troops staffing it... the facillties along with the snack area were clean and up to full service... when i return from my real deployment i plan to return to the Best buy in brandon, florida.. and outiftt my car and house...... please disregard the spelling..i hope you have injoyed my interptation of my trip from a differnt outlook....i would have giving a 5 star but there are no militarydiscounts giving.

(Posted at 2:57 pm on November 20, 2009.)

5 Stars Excellent Salesperson

I just called my local BestBuy and was able to find out whether they had the computer in stock that I am looking for. The salesperson I dealt with was very helpful and offered me several options.

(Posted at 2:00 pm on November 20, 2009.)

5 Stars Speaker Installation

A few months ago I had Best Buy install some speakers in my car. They were very professional and timely. And returned parts that I did not need to be installed so I could return them to the store.

(Posted at 11:26 pm on November 19, 2009.)

4 Stars Excellent service

I honestly cannot think of anything bad to say about Best Buy employees. Whenever I have been in there they are extremely knowledgable and courteous. As someone who didn't know alot about computers a few years back, whenever I asked them something I came away a bit "smarter".

If I have to put down a negative, it would be the layout of the store in Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY. It seems crowded and that makes it hard to take your time when looking at videos and cd's.

(Posted at 5:06 pm on November 18, 2009.)

1 Stars Horrid customer service

bought an expensive computer, goes out of warranty, goes dead, pay for a disk recovery, geek squad claims to have saved entire contents but get home and have a blank cd instead. No recourse, just out of luck. The salt in the wound however was the smug attitude of the geek squad and the condescending tone. Why is it that when you ask for help you can't find someone who gives a sh**, instead you get attitude galore.

(Posted at 1:16 pm on November 18, 2009.)

5 Stars TV's

While living in Kingsville Texas we bought a Insignia 20" LCD TV for the bedroom. Through all the moving across country and the 2 years that we have had it it has worked great. We have even taken it on camping trips. We recently moved to Burlington Iowa and it's time to get a new TV for the family room. I'll drive the 160 miles to buy another Insignia at Best Buy.

(Posted at 6:41 am on November 18, 2009.)

2 Stars warrenty

I don't like people asking me if I am interested in buying warrenty in the check out line. The sales person should ask when you are working them them with the products. you are buy with them

(Posted at 12:31 pm on November 17, 2009.)

5 Stars Should Have known not to look anywhere else

My husbands laptop died so we were on the hunt for a new one. I looked on line & found what I thought to be the perfect laptop for his needs and the price was where we wanted to be as well. Of course my husband had to go look all over town wearing us all out after looking at seven other stores & finally we got to best buy & wouldn't you know he ended up picking out the exact lap top I had told him about and it beat the competition hands down of course. Not to mention we actually had a knowledgable friendly & very helpful sales person assist us. I don't know why we ever go look anywhere else because we seem to go through the same thing every time we are looking to purchase something Best Buy carries.

(Posted at 9:52 am on November 17, 2009.)

4 Stars the only place to buy electronics

When I have a Electronic need the first place I go is BEST BUY. I know that when I am there, that all my questions. They will match any price from any where (even there online price, they have matched in house) not even Wal mart will do that. Informative and great service. You can go anywhere but you will always come back to buy at BEST BUY!

(Posted at 9:02 am on November 17, 2009.)

5 Stars Best Buy Review

Best Buy has to be one of the best stores in the world but at the same time it does have some down falls. The thing that i really like about the best buy is the Geek Squad they have helpe me out so much with computer issues and even to the point where they drive to your house and help out, thats is just totally amazing to me. Also best but has some great coustmer support, the help me pick out my cannon printer that was just wonderful. With my skills and knowledge when it comes down to electriconics the help me out and i didn't feel like i was just get cheated own because i was not smart enough. As i said early Best Buy is the best store ever but i have to say something that is bad but i guess cant be helped is that some of there items such as: (cell phones, video games) are a little over price and you could proably find cheaper at another store. I guess they got to do what they got to do, I like the store enough that i look over the price and come because of the goodness of the store. Also i have to say it's a wonderful store to do christmas, birthday etc. shoping for. Overall i would have to rate best buy a 5/5 and 10/10 GREAT STORE.

(Posted at 9:18 pm on November 16, 2009.)

4 Stars helpful staff

After my freezer died, I was in desperate need of a freezer fast. I shopped all around town and no one had one in stock. On a whim I decided to call Best Buy before driving down. The gentlemen on the phone located a freezer in stock on the computer and even had someone double check the warehouse before I drove down there. I was appreciative and with the busy holiday season was glad he took the extra moment to take care of me.

(Posted at 7:41 pm on November 16, 2009.)

5 Stars buy a TV

I recently went to Best Buy in Salem NH to buy a TV and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised of how helpful the staff was. They were very honest and were so nice I felt like I have known them forever they made me feel very comfortable and were very patient with me even though I had many questions which they answered everyone with a smile. The two men I worked with were great. Steve and Dave new everything there was to know and because they were so informative I bought a 55 inch Sony TV. I hope these guys get reconized for what they do and how they treat people because I have to say these men are Best Buys best sales men. I will be going back for speakers and a receiver and will search them out for help and advice. I really don't have anything negative to say because my experience was very pleasant.

(Posted at 8:16 am on November 16, 2009.)

5 Stars Computer Assistance

After a laborous day in the humid heat of South Carolina, I was burdened with the task of hauling my outdated Dell tower into the store for assistance. As I am sweating profusely, I manage to get into the store without dropping it when I was greeted by the most willing Geek Squad personnel. He was so accomodating that I lost all frustrations and was appreciative of his understanding that I was ignorant about this ancient computer. I even recall his name, Mike. He took his time with me and did not make me feel rushed or insignificant. He took it apart and was blunt to tell me it was filthy and he could clean it with compressed air for $40-$50 dollars. However, after seeming my deflated look, he then said I could very easily do it myself for free. He then said if that does not work, there were other areas he could investigate to fix my computer. With that, I left the store relieved to understand exactly what the problem was and to know I could return to Mike if I needed further assistance. Thanks Mike!!

PS.......The prehistoric wreck of a computer has since died and moved on, and I am now in need of a laptop. I'm so excited to be able to share my review of Best Buy with you with a chance to win a laptop.

God Bless!!!

(Posted at 7:42 pm on November 14, 2009.)

5 Stars Great new store

Tuscaloosa has been waiting for Best Buy to come into town, and everyone is so pleased to finally have it! The store is neat, and the employees are friendly.

(Posted at 1:57 pm on November 14, 2009.)

5 Stars Great Deal!!!!

I'm purchasing the Memorex - 7" LCD Widescreen Digital Photo Frame - Brown/Blue for $49.00 , such a deal! My daughter just got engaged and she doesn't have a digital frame yet, Thanks Best Buy for the Black Friday deals early.

(Posted at 9:55 am on November 14, 2009.)

5 Stars Service

The Best Buy on hwy 100 by Mayfair mall in Milwaukee, WI is by far the cleanest, friendliest, and organized store I have ever been in. The employees must be treated well by the company because their smiles and concern for the customer is sincere.

(Posted at 8:10 am on November 14, 2009.)

5 Stars Best Buy; great deals, everything you need!

Best Buy has every electronic that you can think of: from electric pianos to video games or game consols. I have had a recent experience where I could not find the Guitar Hero drum set. I looked in Gamestop, F.Y.E, and a bunch of other stores. Finally, I checked Best Buy, my last resort, and I found it! It also had an even greater deal than online. Best Buy is now my first and only resort because when I go there, I always find what I need for a great deal. Best Buy is my kind of store. The name says it all!

(Posted at 8:28 pm on November 13, 2009.)

5 Stars has everything

easy to locate everything. helpful workers and great prices.

(Posted at 4:35 pm on November 13, 2009.)

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