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Best Buy Rating Overall Best Buy has a 4.4 star rating based on 1534 user reviews.

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5 Stars Not bad at all

Just purchaced a 42" Insignia 120Hz 1080p TV from bestbuy, and it was one of the best purchaces i have made. I love it, and i am considering buying another one for my room. It is Best Buy's own brand, and its great. I'd recommend Best Buy to anyone

(Posted at 4:33 pm on November 13, 2009.)

5 Stars Amazing!

Best Buy consistantlygives the best deals on most items, especially on sale items. Best Buy has been the store of choice for electronics in my family for years, and we have no regrets.

(Posted at 4:30 pm on November 13, 2009.)

5 Stars sales representatives

On a recent trip to Best Buy's in search of a laptop computer, I was greeted by a sales representative who was knowledgeble, friendly, was able to answer all my questions with out hesitation or frustruation, was able to make suggestions based on my computer needs and took the time to explain to me how the computer operated. I felt comfortable during the two hours it took for me to decide on which purchase to make. The service this person provided represented what best buy is all about.

Thank you,

(Posted at 10:11 am on November 13, 2009.)

3 Stars I recently purchased @ $900. People were nice and helpful but have to return all products but $40.

I got a xbox 360 which w/in a day scratched my new 50 disk so deeply it was beyond repair. My earbud that was selected for my new g3 phone by the phone dept. and did not end up being compatible. They were nice enough to take it to my car behind my kids back because it was a gift and it did not have a receipt. The only thing we kept was a charger station for the wii and one of the 2 is working a few weeks later. Also, the protectors that were also selected for me were for the wrong nintendo. Everything was wrong. Ugh! I should have just gone to Walmart. But I got swayed by the commercial showing all the knowledgable. I would have been better off doing things on my own.

Will update you once I go to exchange evrything.

(Posted at 7:29 pm on November 12, 2009.)

5 Stars Store Manager made bad situation to Great

The Store Manager of the Enfield, CT store is a true asset to the Best Buy organization. He turned a very bad service situation we had with our brand new TV into a very fair and pleasant experience. The Geek squad staff at the Enfield, CT store is also very patient and courteous to frustrated customers. I will shop there again and again.

(Posted at 3:11 pm on November 12, 2009.)

5 Stars My Best- Best Buy Review

Everytime I walk into a Best Buy someone greets me with a smile and asks if I need help. I love the customer service I get, and have never been let down. The store is always clean, organized, and easy to navigate through. Best Buy always has exactly what I am looking for and someone is always willing to help me find it. I love Best Buy and will continue shopping there for all of my electronics and needs!

(Posted at 2:44 pm on November 12, 2009.)

5 Stars Happy Customer

My overall experience with Best Buy has been great. Everytime I go to a Best Buy all the employees are friendly and always willing to help. I usually go to the Best Buy in Dartmouth Ma as it is close to home. I've purchased appliances, electonics, about $5000 in gift certificates. The team there always provides me with the knowledge i need to purchase it.

(Posted at 11:54 am on November 12, 2009.)

5 Stars Availability of Products

I have always found the product I am looking for at Best Buy. I am simply overwhelmed and pleased about the selection. The staff are knowledgeable about the item(s) and they are always patient and friendly. I give Best Buy a great overall rating.

(Posted at 11:50 am on November 12, 2009.)

5 Stars love this store

i love the ship to store. i go and pick up and dont stand in lines... its great

(Posted at 6:43 am on November 12, 2009.)

4 Stars good prices, attentive staff

I have found Best Buy to carry a good selection of electronic and computer equipment, all at very good prices. Shop around and you will find that Best Buy is really a very good value.

What's nice about Best Buy is that you can often visit your local store to view, see, feel and try and touch an item, think about it, and then place your order online. When I'm making a major purchase, this is important and Best Buy has an edge.

(Posted at 3:42 pm on November 11, 2009.)

5 Stars Phone

I have heard so many things about best buy and was told not to ever get a cell phone there cause they will not back it up if something happens to it! WELL THEY ARE WRONG!!!! I did buy a cell phone and after two weeks of having it something went wrong I took the phone in the guy looked it over seen there was a problem went and got me another phone no questions asked set it up for me and was very kind and i walked out very pleased and relieved that all the other people that trashed talked bestbut WERE WRONG! THanks Bestbuy for a wonderful experience!

(Posted at 10:39 am on November 11, 2009.)

5 Stars best buy mistake

i was buying a flat screen 46 inch samsung tv. i was pricing at best buy. there was one on display that had a discount on it because of it being on display. i decided i did not want it but wanted a new one instead. i wanted to buy it then and pick it up when i moved into our new home in two weeks. i did not notice it but when i paid for it with my master card, the attendant charged me the price of the one on display.

i returned in two weeks to pick up the tv along with my surround sound and dvd player. i knew something was wrong when my wife and i noticed a delay in their getting the tv. in a minute, the manager came over and said there was a problem. i immediately started to complain and to try and argue about what had happened and how. he very nicely interrupted me and told me that it was their fault and because of it being their fault, he was going to sell me the new tv at the display tv price. i thought that was a very fair deal and i have continued to shop at best buy because of his fairness.

(Posted at 9:59 am on November 11, 2009.)

4 Stars Decent selection, good warranty

I purchased a computer from Best Buy several months ago and overall, it was a good experience. They had a decent selection and the process was quick. I bought a warranty with the computer and was very happy with it when I had to use it. The only dislike about the process was that the salesman tried to insist that I needed all kinds of antivirus software etc, and didn't want to take no for an answer.

I would purchase a computer from them again.

(Posted at 8:41 am on November 11, 2009.)

5 Stars very good store

it is a really good store to shop at they always have what I need

(Posted at 5:32 pm on November 9, 2009.)

5 Stars My computer

I brought my 2 year old computer to Best Buy last year to have a part repaired (which held the power cord.) When I received the computer back about 1 month later the computer frame was cracked. I told the service technician and he sent the computer back out to be repaired once again. I was not happy at all to say the least, but he assured me that the Geek Squad would take care of it. When I finally received my computer back once again,with the frame fixed, there was no power cord. So now I had to be given a generic power cord as the Geek Squad had lost my cord. I left the store and had to return a few months later because the cord was making a beeping noise and now would not charge the computer. I was so aggravated with Best Buy!! So, the service tech at the counter got yet another cord off of the shelf to test the computer with another cord to see if this would work. As he plugged the cord in, smoke started coming out of the back of the laptop. I wanted to cry. He said the laptop was now unusable and didn't know what could be done. He made a few phone calls and told me to pick out a computer around the same price range of the one I had bought at Best Buy , 2 years previous.

I was in shock, still unhappy about my computer but happy at the fact that Best Buy is standing behind their work. Because the piece that started smoking was worked on by the Geek Squad, they would replace my computer for me, free of charge.

I would definitely recommend to anyone, to purchase a computer at Best Buy, because I know if this had happened at any other store, it wouldn't have been replaced. I give them the best score possible when it comes to customer service!!!That is definitely what I call a BEST BUY!!

(Posted at 1:29 pm on November 9, 2009.)

5 Stars good, happy with prouduct.

I had a acer laptop that i bought from Best Buy. it was wonderful. I used it for school, social websites, e-mail, pictures, ect. I loved it and used it everyday. Also the price was reasonable, and the help we got at the store was great. The guy whos was helping us even found a deal for us because we bought two laptops. It was a great laptop, as well as my first laptop.The service was brillanent, the look was awesome, and eveything ealse was too! Then someone stole it from out of our house. I havent seen it since. But i remeber it was an awsome product. Thanks, Best Buy!

(Posted at 10:57 am on November 9, 2009.)

3 Stars Staff not the best

My experiences with Best Buy have been a mixed bag. Their merchandise is usually quality but their staff is usually not very knowledgeable. Their prices are a bit high but they do have weekly sales that make up for that. Keep an eye on their ads to find good deals.

(Posted at 8:41 pm on November 8, 2009.)

5 Stars Good Job

bestbuy has a exelent costumer care. i think they are doing their best!

(Posted at 1:25 pm on November 8, 2009.)

5 Stars Best Buy is the best place to shop for electonics.

I love shopping at Best Buy for two reasons 1. The selection for electronics is stellar. 2. The staff is VERY knowledgable and HELPFUL. I will not shop for electronics anywhere else.

(Posted at 7:23 pm on November 7, 2009.)

5 Stars Best Buy Tampa

My husband and I went to Best Buy in Tampa on Dale Mabry the other day to check out laptops...Cory in the computer area was so helpful: he listened to our needs and showed us different laptops and his thoughts on them. We will be going in today to purchase and we hope Cory is working!

(Posted at 9:16 am on November 7, 2009.)

3 Stars Customer Service

I have found the staff to be knowledgeable and helpful when I shopped at Best Buy. There have been a few occasions when I have had to search out a salesperson for help, but normally staffing levels seem to be good. The products seem to be priced in line with other stores and good bargains for some sale items.

(Posted at 8:28 pm on November 6, 2009.)

4 Stars Online Shopping

I like to browse Bestbuy website which is easy and convenience. I don't have to leave my home to look at product available.

I don't like pressure salesmen. Some time, they are too pushy. Maybe, there are just doing there job.

(Posted at 2:34 pm on November 6, 2009.)

5 Stars Customer service at Best Buy

I had a wonderful time looking for a camera for for my Mom & Dad.Between the two of them they have 160 years of knowledge. But these new little cameras seem to really confuse them.

The associate at the Newport News, VA. store. Walk me thru many camera's. And gave me his phone number just in case my folks had any questions.

It kind of hard to get customer service like this anymore.


(Posted at 8:38 am on November 6, 2009.)



(Posted at 7:58 am on November 6, 2009.)

4 Stars Because it's Best Buy

What can I say? Every time I see that yellow sign I get butterflies in my stomach. Butterflies you say? Shouldn't going to BestBuy be a happy experience? For me, going to Best Buy is liking going on a first date. You just never know how things are going to go but you are so excited at the possibilities that you have been on pins and needles all week waiting for this one very special day- the day you head to best buy! Is this day going be good like those magical first dates that lead to a long, steady relationship or is this Best Buy date going to fizzle out after you realize that the boy sitting in front you is eating with his open and talking at the same time not because he's trying to be funny but because he just doesn't know better?!

Most of the time my Best Buy days are like those magical first dates. The people are friendly at Best Buy and most of the reps are very knowledgable. More importantly, the reps don't feed you the company line in other words, they give it to you straight. "Will Netbooks come with 2 gigs in the future?," I asked my date. To which he replied, "I can't say it's not a possibility. I have even heard as early as this December, but why rely on the what ifs and let me show what we do have that fits your budget and your style." What a perfect response! Did I want to stay for dessert at the point? You betcha!

Even more enticing, Best Buy has great exclusive deals on computers. Did you know they asked consumers what they wanted in a computer and then had the computer companies build those types of computers only for Best Buy? If that isn't long term steady material than I don't know what is!!!!!

The final hooray that makes Best Buy the best first date material? Often reps will tell me that yes the Geek Squad can do it for a fee, but here's how to do it cheaper. These reps, oh you know who you are, are want good dreams are made of. You make the icing on the first date cake taste so good!

But alas, there are some dates with Best Buy that do fizzle. Sometimes, the store is just too darn busy. Sure, it's the not the store's fault, but often you just want to be knowledged at those moments. "Hi,we're busy, we see you, and we'll get to you as soon as possible," would help ease the first date tension, but often, at Best Buy this is sorely lacking. In these moments, you just wait around like a dork and hope that you don't have to leave the story. I've let the store without even an hi sometimes! Ouch.

And sometimes when I ask them about the online prices I have seen them simply say, "just deal with that online, we have no idea about that in the store." This lack of symbiotic relationship some Best Buy stores have with the online store just doesn't fly with me. It doesn't fly at all.

But despite some of the bad, I can say I always look forward to my Best Buy trips. Those butterflies are a welcome sign that maybe this date will be even better than the last!

(Posted at 9:42 pm on November 5, 2009.)

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