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Barnes and Noble Rating Overall Barnes and Noble has a 4.5 star rating based on 35 user reviews.

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4 Stars The nicest bookstore around

This is really a great bookstore. It has tons of books, many have cafes with snacks and coffees, and they have bargain bins with great deals. Sometimes, they get used library books in and sell them for about $3 each. They don't have many coupons, though.

(Posted at 1:04 pm on May 3, 2010.)

5 Stars Very Pleased

I recently placed an order with Barnes and Noble and received my book in 2 days from when I ordered it! This is by far the fastest I've ever gotten a book from any retailer. I was glad to see that B&N was offering "3 days or less" shipping for the same price as "standard (3-8 days)" shipping- not sure if this is always or just a promotion.

(Posted at 12:25 am on April 30, 2010.)

5 Stars Great selection

I've purchased several items from Barnes and Noble store and online and have been pleased with each purchase. The prices were comparable with any other retailer. Any shipping has been done within a timely manner. I would highly recommend Barnes and Noble for any literature purchase.

(Posted at 1:53 pm on April 13, 2010.)

5 Stars Always helpful

Once again in a search for :the book" found B& N staff very helpful

(Posted at 4:02 pm on February 23, 2010.)

4 Stars Great retail chain

I visited Barnes and Noble's online bookstore and found a much greater selection than any store I've been to. Found the books I wanted and a few more. Had a problem with my gift cards at checkout but it wasn't major.

(Posted at 9:37 pm on January 17, 2010.)

4 Stars Barnes and Noble

We have regular family outings to BN. Always look for coupons. Store near us has a huge clearance area. Half price and $1 books. Love it. Membership pays for itself many times over.

(Posted at 7:45 pm on November 16, 2009.)

4 Stars Become a member

They have competitive prices if you're a member. If you are planning on ordering anything expensive I would recommend doing it online. I ordered a book through the site and it was $20 cheaper and it included free shipping. The store has a great environment.

(Posted at 10:01 pm on November 8, 2009.)

5 Stars Very Good

I have been to Barnes and Noble a lot and enjoy going there to get coffee and read books. The People are so friendly and willing to help any way they can. The store always has the books arranged nicely and neat and a person can find what he want. If the book I want is not in stock, I can always get some one to order it for me and they will let me know when it comes in. I like the on line Barnes and Noble also. Easy to read and order items and there are always discount coupons there to use. I like the arrangement of the store and it is so nice and easy to walk through and find things and even the music section is good.My overall rating of Barnes and Noble is 5 stars.

(Posted at 7:23 am on October 16, 2009.)

4 Stars Great store, alwasy best selection.

I really prefer Barnes and Noble over any other large bookseller. In store they have the best selection of anything I'm looking for. Their staff is always very helpful and friendly. Their website is very easy to use, and the discount on new hardbacks is great.

(Posted at 3:01 pm on October 14, 2009.)

5 Stars Very Helpful

I purchased a book from them to go with a series of teaching books that I was working through. I received the book that I ordered but I was wrong about what I thought it was. The person that I contacted took the time to talk to me about what I was doing and actually listened and understood! They suggested which books would be helpful, and they were correct. Very knowledgeable and kind.

(Posted at 11:05 am on October 14, 2009.)

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