Christian Mingle Reviews

Christian Mingle Reviews

Christian Mingle Rating Overall Christian Mingle has a 3.2 star rating based on 62 user reviews.

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1 Stars Dont USE

This company when your account expires automatically renews it and then when you call and

tell them you did not renew it they say oh okay we will just charge you a month at a premium rate.

The other problem is they are always showing you people way outside your area.

Trust God stay off this site.

(Posted at 4:29 pm on July 13, 2015.)

3 Stars There is Potential

I found a serious dating relationship through CM, but in the end, we realized we were not quite right for each other. Both of us learned a lot about ourselves through this experience, and we enjoyed many outdoor adventures. I had the opportunity to take on a couple new sports with my date, like downhill skiing and rock climbing. I would give CM another chance, because I believe there are many quality Christian guys on their site. I am just waiting for the right one to come along. I don't want to settle for anything less than God's best.

(Posted at 2:02 am on April 18, 2015.)

4 Stars Nice site

It's gaining popularity. I see more people are joining. Hopefully I will meet someone soon :)

(Posted at 9:05 pm on April 11, 2015.)

5 Stars I Like this Social Site

There are a variety of nice people to meet and converse with.

(Posted at 11:47 am on September 8, 2014.)

2 Stars Not happy

Not as advertised. Free. The only thing free is setting up your profile.

Subscription fees are high.

(Posted at 6:23 pm on February 3, 2014.)

3 Stars NOT FREE

It's free to create a profile and that's about it. You have to pay to communicate.

(Posted at 5:38 am on October 1, 2013.)

5 Stars like the site but it gotta be free

Really thought it was free, its just like the rest of these dating site. I know it cost alot to run these sites but still the prices are so high.

(Posted at 12:36 pm on July 17, 2013.)

5 Stars The best place to find someone.

Christian Mingle is so great, they have someone for everyone. They match you up with perfect singles, and it makes it so easy and fun to find someone special.

(Posted at 9:45 pm on June 27, 2013.)

2 Stars Should be free

I wish it was free..... It is weird that a christian dating cite is not free

(Posted at 5:59 pm on June 4, 2013.)

1 Stars I feel they are unethical

I had a Christian mingle lifetime account, which they offered when they were desperate for people to sign up. After a few years it dropped off. I was told that they had changed their policy and I needed to sign in every 30 days to keep it active. I got 'matches' every few days, if not daily. Suddenly I got no matches for weeks. I emailed them and they said sorry and suddenly I was getting my emails daily again. Then a while later I got no matches for a month. When I asked about this they said there must not have been matches....but within minutes of questioning it, I suddenly got a whack of matches. But I questioned this 3 days past my 30 day limit, so they would no longer honor the lifetime membership. It is sincerely my belief that they stopped sending me matches in hopes that without match 'reminders' I would forget to check within the 30 day limit and they would not have to carry a free membership. This company runs many dating sites and has no connection to Chrisitan ethics.

(Posted at 2:05 pm on April 13, 2013.)

3 Stars Christian Mingle

I like the browsing option, but the joining for free is deceiving. You have to pay a fee before you can send an email

(Posted at 10:25 pm on April 1, 2013.)

1 Stars Deceivers and thieves

They prey upon the faith of people who believe in God to wring them dry of their money. They initially lure them in with the promise of an "Unlimited FREE trial" which is nothing more than just signing up with no real access to the site other than to browse. The "promise of God's love" is touted endlessly to which these poor, figuratively and eventually literally, people are lead to. The people at the top of this site don't care a wit about you. Deceivers and liars which they shall answer for when the time comes.

(Posted at 11:49 am on March 27, 2013.)

5 Stars Great site

Three friends found husbands here!

(Posted at 1:25 pm on February 13, 2013.)

3 Stars love it!

its a great site!

(Posted at 10:02 pm on January 29, 2013.)

4 Stars love

I love this site

(Posted at 9:59 pm on January 29, 2013.)

3 Stars It's a great way to Mingle

I feel it is a great site to get started mingling and talking with other single people however I feel it is very limited in actually meeting people because to actually meet someone you have to pay to use the site. But I feel it does offer some sense of a place to start and not actually go out to do it.

(Posted at 8:11 pm on January 21, 2013.)

4 Stars seemingly serious

Its wonderful to have used this site to meet some serious singles looking for a relationship meet a few wonderful people .No soul mates but wonderful friends will highly recomend to a friend

(Posted at 5:28 pm on January 21, 2013.)

5 Stars liked your site.

Enjoyed the short trip. Would have liked to see the chat rooms to see what I would be paying for. 30 a month seemed a lot for a chat room and emails.

(Posted at 9:57 pm on January 8, 2013.)

5 Stars My Review

I really like this site.

(Posted at 7:00 am on January 7, 2013.)

1 Stars tv ads make it soung tree-lie

it would be nice to really try fr free for a momth-not just lie to hook them in, it very deceiving

(Posted at 8:25 pm on January 2, 2013.)

3 Stars The Good, The Bad, and The Truth

The good. You get to find out about people who claim to be christians, and most probably are christians. You get to find people in your area, with similar interest, and quickly eliminate those that do not match your interests. They have a questionnaire which offers some interesting insight into your personality, and allows you to see what the personality traits are according to this particular questionnaire.

More good. If you wait, and check on the price for an upgrade, it will show an even more affordable amount at $9.79 per month, based on a one time purchase for 6 months totaling $58.74. This is much more reasonable. I waited 2 weeks before having this price show up.

The bad. This site, either doesn't understand, or doesn't care that it is promoting adultery in the christian community.

The Truth

"Now to the married I command, yet not I but the Lord: A wife is not to depart from her husband. But even if she does depart, let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband. And a husband is not to divorce his wife." I Corinthians 7:10,11

“Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced from her husband commits adultery." - Jesus Luke 16:18

You can argue all day long about this, and try to manipulate other passages in the scriptures in an attempt to try to find or create that loophole that doesn't really exist, but at the end of the day, this passage isn't contradicted anywhere else in scripture. God said what He meant. God meant exactly what He said. To ignore it or to try to twist it into something else is to bring a curse upon your own life.

(Posted at 1:38 pm on December 15, 2012.)

5 Stars Overall site

love it the site is excellent to meet good christian singles have had good experience.

(Posted at 11:54 am on December 12, 2012.)

4 Stars good review!!

I like that it is christian based and that they send new matches weekly.

(Posted at 6:07 pm on November 26, 2012.)

3 Stars Good Service

I enjoyed the experience on Christian Mingle, but the service is a little expensive. I would be good to allow the e-mail service as part of the free trial so a person could experience all of christian mingle before paying for the membership.

(Posted at 9:07 pm on November 17, 2012.)

2 Stars Christian turn off

in the bible it says not to deceive, however, this Christian website is luring ppl in on a "free trial" u can't actually communicate with anyone unless u pay. just another example of how ppl r turned off by "Christians"

(Posted at 5:58 am on October 19, 2012.)

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