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4 Stars Dell Studio 14 Rocks

Dell Studio 14 Rocks!

It is light weight, smooth, and fast.

Everything as you would expect it to be.

On the negative is just that it gets heated fast.

(Posted at 2:53 pm on October 22, 2010.)

3 Stars cusomer service

Customer service talked to you like you did not know what you were talking about and tried to get you to believe any problems were your fault.

(Posted at 8:05 am on October 21, 2010.)

5 Stars Bought a laptop

I have just bought a laptop from and I am enjoying it and it has fullfilled my needs for my school work and my entertainment and I have also recommended Dell to my other friends and also will recommend other citizens to choose Dell computers.

Thnks dell I am loving it.

(Posted at 8:50 am on October 18, 2010.)

5 Stars Delivery Vx Dell

I purchased a Dell XPS and had trouble with the delivery service. I went through several days tracking tracking beyond the estimated arrival date. I informed Dell of the situation and they took care of it on their end. They next day my computer arrived and the matter was closed. I even got a call back from Dell making sure they delivery had arrived.

(Posted at 7:22 pm on October 15, 2010.)

4 Stars dell help

Right away at you find sections up top to help you pic the type of computer you would use (for home, small business, large enterprise, ect.).If you run your mouse over it you find a helpful bar come up with deal options tv options laptop options and so on and so forth. If you click on it it takes you to the section you picked and then on the side it has different options that really help if you know what kind of specs you want such as ram size hard drive size and all. then they have some example desktops that are affordable to show you this might be what you want. however, many people know little about computers, so options like this are not the best, it will confuse them and leave them stuck on the first page, not knowing where to go. and the search bar is small and all the way at the top right corner, sometimes hard to see. Overall it is a helpful site but you should defintely compare sites, this is a must either way.

(Posted at 6:41 am on October 7, 2010.)

3 Stars After Sale, no one speaks English

I just purchased a new Dell PCin September. I had a coupon code for 30% off and free shipping. Kept trying to give it to the sale agent but she keeps telling me she can't "find it",etc. I get angry and just go ahead with the order. I get called back by Dell to verify order and payment. I tell James about the order code again and he can't find it either.

After I leave work, I call Dell support and get a Mr.Singh who looks up my oder code and says "yes,maam, that is the correct code. We will refund the 30% to your cc. Another Mr. Singh calls a week later to say they do not have that coupon code.AGGRAVATING to say the least. but i will keep on fighting to get my money back

(Posted at 8:06 am on September 27, 2010.)

5 Stars Another Dell Coupon

Hey guys,

I found a Dell Coupon Code:

Dell is giving $75 off a selection of premium systems - priced $799 or more.

Deal ends Oct 29.

Coupon Code: 1B$BL4TC3VRXD5.

(Posted at 4:16 pm on September 22, 2010.)

5 Stars More coupons?

$50 off EPP systems $699 - $998 Coupon Code: 3BWD3NWNRJBQF? End Date: 7/31/2010 @ 11:55pm Expires 07/31/2010. Multi-use Coupon. Coupon code is required. Coupon can be combined with other site discounts. Only one coupon may be applied per item per cart at checkout. Offer valid for select systems on the Dell EPP site only. Not valid for resellers and/or online auctions or for Electronics and Accessories.

$100 off EPP systems $999 + Coupon Code: XQ9D3C64DQ7B3D End Date: 7/31/210 @ 11:55pm Expires 07/31/2010. Multi-use Coupon. Coupon code is required. Coupon can be combined with other site discounts. Only one coupon may be applied per item per cart at checkout. Offer valid for select systems on the Dell EPP site only. Not valid for resellers and/or online auctions or for Electronics and Accessories.

Get your Dell Streak 24 hours before the rest,

(Posted at 9:53 am on July 23, 2010.)

5 Stars Dell #5 and counting

This last Dell purchase was our fifth one and we have been happy with each machine. We bought three laptops for our college sons and they have not given them any problems. Hopefully this last purchase of a Studio 15 will be as good as all the rest.

(Posted at 6:01 pm on July 18, 2010.)

5 Stars m11x

My m11x is able to preform like none other.

here is another deal from Dell

Save $25 off select Studio/Studio XPS laptops & desktops $699 and above at



(Posted at 6:29 pm on July 17, 2010.)

1 Stars Not that great....

Many products are no longer available is the response from Dell when you click on product

(Posted at 9:16 am on July 14, 2010.)

5 Stars Great quality, good prices

I have worked at 4 major companies. All Dell shops, for good reason.

Their customer support is fantastic!

(Posted at 8:26 pm on June 30, 2010.)

3 Stars Confusing and push extras down your throat

The business laptops are good-enough quality, although after 3 years my 12" dell has broken keys and trackpad buttons, which isn't great given that it was about $1800.

Although for the price I think you get a good deal. The real problem is that whenever you call to order a laptop they dispute the price, try to bundle extra software you didn't ask for, and downright manipulate people who don't really know what they're talking about.

For example my father in law called to buy a laptop at $1000, he ended up spending $1300 because they convinced him to buy a ram-upgrade and a copy of MS office which he didn't need!

(Posted at 4:17 pm on June 30, 2010.)

3 Stars Dell's Customer Service

So I chated with Dell last week looking to purchase an Dell Studio 17. And I had a simple question, nothing hard. It was simply can I upgrade the GPU whenever I want, because I can't afford it right now. The "rep", if you wanted to call him that, didn't know the GPU I was speaking of and when I told him which one it then took him 15 minutes just to verify. A very bad job IMHO. But it's whatever, hopefully their customer service over the phone is better though, because if it isn't, then dude I ain't getting a Dell.

(Posted at 11:26 pm on June 29, 2010.)

4 Stars Good service, quality computer

I've owned 3 dell computers in the last decade and have been pleased with all of them. My next computer will probably be a dell when this one dies. I've always purchased the 3-year warranty because while I generally think that extended warranties on electronics are not a good deal, for something that is full of sensitive electronics and gets lugged around all over the place with me (as my laptop does) I think there's a fair chance of something going wrong. When things have gone wrong (e.g. a hinge breaks, a motherboard dies, a key on the keyboard breaks, a hard drive fails) service has been speedy and helpful. Things definitely do break but I don't think it's that big a deal because realistically the computers from the largest retailers are all made from essentially the same components manufactured in the same factories (mostly in Asia), so there's not that much difference between them except for the branding, or the price, or some small bell or whistle. Overall I've been pleased with the ordering process, the equipment, and the service from Dell.

(Posted at 8:48 pm on June 29, 2010.)

4 Stars Dependable computer

The computer allows me to take it anywhere and not worry about letting me down. Is a laptop computer that allows me to do my homework, research, and allows me to communicate with family and friends. With it's built in web cam I can see other family members across the globe and stay in touch with them. I can share photos of my children and my self with anybody I want. My laptop is very portable and light and allows me to take it to the nearest coffee shop and browse the web with its built in high speed wifi connection. I'm very pleased with this laptop because is a very dependable brand and laptop.

(Posted at 2:39 pm on June 29, 2010.)

5 Stars Dell Computer

I bought a new Dell computer back in 2003. It is a demension 2400. It has 70 gig hard drive and an pentium 4 processor. It has been a great computer with very little problems. I am ready to buy another computer and it will also be a dell. Dell has my business each time I need a computer. They make a great product

(Posted at 6:27 pm on June 28, 2010.)

4 Stars Been a fan of Dell's for years

The recent XPS laptop my brother and I went half on for our mom has really served its purpose. She is very pleased with the laptop and I am pleased with the quality Dell provided in essembling the laptop. Great computer if you are in the market

(Posted at 6:26 am on June 28, 2010.)

5 Stars m11x

I have a new m11x and it is the prefect little machine.

Great for college.

8 hours real tested battery life, and graphics performance to run any modern game.

Sounds like a winner too me.

Here is a great discount.

Save an additional $50 off systems $699 and above with coupon code: WQQ$MQ0M4JNCWD. Or save $100 off systems $999 and above with coupon code: B980P775CS2Z02. Go to or call 866-914-6077 for details. Offer ends 6/30.

(Posted at 4:57 pm on June 26, 2010.)

5 Stars Dell Complete Care

I blew out the motherboard of my Dell Inspiron by plugging into dirty power in Cambodia. When I came home, a technician came to my house and replaced the motherboard. Very nice. (The warranty didn't have coverage in Cambodia, so I couldn't get it fixed there. That was a bummer, but it was in the contract, so I should have known.)

(Posted at 2:26 pm on June 22, 2010.)

3 Stars Dell Vostro 1520

Nice machine, good speed. Preloaded Dell wireless network utility caused problems, and Dell tech support recommended I uninstall it. Also, occasionally freezes for no apparent reason (doesn't seem to be heat or the OS); this is the worst thing.

Otherwise, a nice machine that I'm pretty happy with.

(Posted at 2:24 pm on June 22, 2010.)

4 Stars yay

I love Dell!!

(Posted at 5:34 pm on June 20, 2010.)

5 Stars Love my Dell

After a horrible Gateway desktop, I switched to Dell years and years ago, now that's all I've ever bought. It's all I recommend to my friends and family. They make a good computer and it's affordable. All computers break down, even Dells. I don't hold it against them. Take care of your Dell and it'll last you years. It'll last longer than you want it to, so you'll need to come up with a new excuse to get yourself an upgraded machine.

(Posted at 5:34 pm on June 19, 2010.)

3 Stars Easy shopping, slower follow up

I was really happy with the way Dell set up their site. It is very easy to customize a system and purchase exactly what you want. By signing up for their mailing list, I get email promotions every week, and that came in handy when it was time to replace my old desktop with my new laptop. The only problem came when my system crashed and I found that tech support was slow and very hard to understand. I will say, everyone I talked to was pretty friendly, but slow response time made the experience more unpleasant and frustrating than it should have been. Overall, I think I just got a lemon. My other system was great, and I've gotten good deals from them each time. Dell is at least worth checking out when shopping around.

(Posted at 6:22 pm on June 18, 2010.)

3 Stars Dell inspiron 1521

My Dell Inspiron 1521 has many quirks. As of 2010 it is 4 years old and is the bottom line Dell so one can probably expect a few. It is the low end model. Within a year of buying it the touchpad scroll just gave out, for no reason. The computer itself is still going, I have have to give it that, however, it will freeze up,slows down for no reason, (have to log off and restart) and just recently crashed and after having a new hard drive installed, my touchpad scroll now works, its a little faster,(better hard drive installed) but other than that still has the same problems. This one gets 3 stars, the below laptop gets 4 stars!

Our second laptop (We have two dells), cost a little more. It feels and looks more expensive and when using it, you can tell that it pays to put a little more money into a laptop. So, spend a little more and you get better quality. This one has less quirks, and just functions all around more smoothly.

(Posted at 7:52 am on June 17, 2010.)

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