Dicks Sporting Goods Reviews

Dicks Sporting Goods Reviews

Dicks Sporting Goods Rating Overall Dicks Sporting Goods has a 4.4 star rating based on 153 user reviews.

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4 Stars Great store

Great store and customer service

(Posted at 10:55 pm on December 22, 2015.)

5 Stars shoes

Best prices in town

(Posted at 5:51 pm on November 13, 2015.)

5 Stars Awesome!

They have an awesome selection of footwear and I received great service from the staff!

(Posted at 7:01 pm on January 18, 2015.)

5 Stars Review of online purchasing

It was very easy to shop from my iPad.

(Posted at 11:29 am on December 12, 2014.)

5 Stars Happy Customer

I have purchased a quick shade canopy from Dicks and it was my first time getting a deal better than on line sites like Amazon and E bay, but it's not the price that really matters here; its customer service.

I had a problem with the canopy and when I went back to the store, no question asked. They just told me grab another one!

(Posted at 11:32 pm on September 18, 2014.)

5 Stars Awesome

Love the Customer service

(Posted at 11:28 am on September 7, 2014.)

4 Stars Thanks for carrying hard to find items

I would like to thank you for having many hard to find items in your stores. Also the staff is helpful ordering items on line that may be out or you would like to be delivered to your home.


(Posted at 3:38 pm on August 10, 2014.)

1 Stars Bait and Switch, or Just Idiots?

I ordered a new set of golf club irons online. Instead of sending me the golf clubs, which were on sale, they sent me a hat in a bag marked golf clubs. When I called to complain, they said they were out stock and could not fill the order. I will never shop at Dick's again.

(Posted at 1:36 pm on June 19, 2014.)

1 Stars Lies, Lies and more Lies.

I ordered something for my brother, for Christmas, 12/3 online- I thought early enough to be here for Christmas.- WRONG !! I called 2 weeks later, Customer service said they would over-night it. 4 DAYS later, I called again, a manager, nick, said he was Very sorry and GUARENTEED it would be here AFTER Christmas!! WAHT!!! ordered it early enough 4 Christmas. Well, its AFTER Christmas and still DINT get it. Liars, Liars, Liars. Waist of time and Money!!!!

(Posted at 4:01 pm on December 30, 2013.)

5 Stars Sporting spectacular

I always love going into Dicks when it is time for gearing up for my sons new athletic wear he plays football and basketball so we are in often to new cleats or basketball shoes. We can always find something. To being able to find that chin strap he wanted for his helmet. Associates are always helpful since he outgrows everything so fast. He is 13 and already 6ft and in a size 11.5. Apprecaite everthing that they do. Thanks guys.

(Posted at 7:52 pm on November 24, 2013.)

5 Stars Great staff


I went into Dick's Sporting Goods looking for a few baseball items. "Ty" who helped me, was very informative & knowledgeable about the products.

Thanks for a great shopping experience



(Posted at 12:52 pm on July 25, 2013.)

4 Stars Awesome!

I would like to see a more small sizes available, but other than that you Dick's has a lot more variety that i can not find at Sports Authority.

(Posted at 7:12 am on May 14, 2013.)

5 Stars My kind of candy store.

For years this store makes me feel like a kid again, they have it all when it comes to sports and my hobbies.

(Posted at 10:28 am on April 27, 2013.)

5 Stars selection of golf club

kellen Ryan helped me select a new driver.he was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. thanks for all your help.

(Posted at 8:37 pm on April 19, 2013.)

1 Stars unhappy golf customer

In Nov. I purchased a new Fairwaywood at your new location South Hills Village store. I did not have my SCORE CARD on me and they told me there was no record of me being a customer. I have been shopping at Dicks for over 20 years. The asked me to do the on line survey and I wound receive a coupon on line. I did the survey and received nothing. Last Monday I went to your Century III srore for a new driver. Four cars in the lot. I went to the golf dept.and shopped. Two employees were ther having a conversation and after 22 minutes of being irgored I left with gloves and a bad taste. I did have my card this time, but cuold not obtain credit for my last purchase. This is good Customer Service ?

(Posted at 3:41 pm on March 24, 2013.)

5 Stars Awesome!

I always look everywhere but find the best at Dicks!

(Posted at 2:25 pm on March 24, 2013.)

4 Stars shoes

Went to buy shoes for my daughter. The sales person was very helpful on helping us. He measured my daughters feet and found the best fit for us.

(Posted at 9:51 pm on March 13, 2013.)

5 Stars Great Site

Great job!

(Posted at 2:14 pm on February 23, 2013.)

4 Stars Litttle selection

I was recently at Dick's and it seemed like there was not a very big selection of athletic apperal. If I found something that I wanted, the sizes and colors were very limites. Other than that, I still like the store and prices seem to be reasonable. Just short on size and selection of colors

(Posted at 12:49 pm on August 17, 2012.)

5 Stars Great Products and sevice

We love to shop at Dicks Sporting Goods.We always find the items we are looking for and the salespeople are always willing to help.

(Posted at 6:20 am on August 10, 2012.)

2 Stars ladies golf shoes

A terrible selection of shoes and NONE in small sizes. Also, tried to find your $10 off next $50 purchase offer as stated on my charge slip. Thus, this review. Not a happy customer.

(Posted at 2:58 pm on August 6, 2012.)

5 Stars Great customer service

While shopping for youth lacrosse equipment the sales clerk substituted a different model since they were out of the size we needed. Was very impressed by that.

(Posted at 3:46 pm on August 5, 2012.)

4 Stars purchasing new golf irons

i was looking at caloway and taylor made iron sets and couln t decide. sales person came and discussed the differences between and actually went with the someewhat cheaper set. i liked his knowlege and concern for me, i am happy with experience and real happy with clubs.

(Posted at 10:41 am on July 21, 2012.)

5 Stars found what we were looking

my son needed football cleats. After buying the brand of baseball cleats from Dicks that he really likes, he wanted the same brand for football. He wears a size 13 and this is hard to find in our local sports store. We went to the store nearest us and found the shoe in the size he wanted. He needed a special color so they were ordered for us by the sales clerk. We were called today to go pick them up, only 3 working days later. We will go to Dicks for all our sporting neeeds.

(Posted at 3:38 pm on July 17, 2012.)

3 Stars Floor Service

I bought some things last week in one of your stores. My son wanted to try on some shirts, but we had a hard time finding someone to unlock the dressing rooms. Once we went to the checkout counter to get help, the person asked for another employee to help us. Then, the person working the floor that was assigned to unlock a dressing room actually argued that it wasn't his job to unlock them. So, long story short, their was arguing between two employees that was very unprofessional and was a waste of our time. I wanted to try on some tops also, but after that experience, I gave up and we left.

(Posted at 1:58 pm on July 16, 2012.)

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