Epson Printers Reviews

Epson Printers Reviews

Epson Printers Rating Overall Epson Printers has a 4 star rating based on 1 user reviews.

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4 Stars Epson NX515 - Good printer, not perfect

Overall, I like my Epson wireless 3-in-1 (Stylus NX515). The wireless feature is great. The print quality is quite good. Print speed is good, and it prints quietly, once it wakes up and gets started. It's the waking-up part that's not so great: slow and noisy, filled with loud clanks.

Ink usage, well, it does seem to slurp up the ink quickly. Separate cartridges for each color are good -- no need to replace Cyan just because Yellow's out. But the cartridges are small, and seem to run out quickly. Look for the extra-high capacity Black cartridge. It's sometimes hard to find, but it saves a bit of money and a lot of hassle. My office supply store often has sales and discounts good only on HP cartridges, never anything for Epson.

Paper loading is a bit tricky. You have to feed the little stack of paper in carefully. And it doesn't hold a big stack. And it doesn't like card stock.

The copier feature offers automatic enlargement to full-page size. Nice when I'm trying to upsize a thing that's hard to read at its native size.

It will print pics directly off your memory card. I've never used that feature, but it looks neat for some folks.

I've had my Epson NX515 about a year, so enough experience with it to mean something. Would I buy the same one again? Not sure. Noise, ink-use, paper-loading - not so good. Print quality, features, scanning, wireless - good.

(Posted at 2:59 pm on April 24, 2010.)

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