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Expedia Rating Overall Expedia has a 4.5 star rating based on 196 user reviews.

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5 Stars Satisfied Customer

Expedia has the best prices and the website is always user friendly. They search the different airlines for you and return all results with pricing saving you so much time! I'll never use another site for my travel!!

(Posted at 7:50 am on June 28, 2010.)

5 Stars The best website on hotels I know

Expedia is only website I use to book hotels all over the world. It has perfect search system which help me to find the right hotel and make my choice based on reviews, hotel location and price.

Coupons and promotions they have make the process even more attractive and exiting!)

It's really the best website for hotel booking. I can say that exactly as I know many of them.

However their system of airfare search is not that developed as I want. I prefer to use another website which compare all the rates and find the best one. Sometimes even can't find my home airport which isn't a small one - MOscow city!

I really want they amend that mistake.

It would be also helpful if the website would show the direct flights from one aiport to another in different box.

(Posted at 9:42 am on June 24, 2010.)

4 Stars Found the spot.

Wanted to travel to Lake Tahoe, it was looking pretty expensive... then expedia gave us a great rate and discount too on our 3+ night stay. Easy to use website, and excellent terms - use it all the time!

(Posted at 10:35 pm on June 22, 2010.)

4 Stars Sweet

I love to save money on my flights and Expedia makes it possible.

(Posted at 10:05 pm on June 22, 2010.)

5 Stars Expedia is the only way to go!

Expedia is the best! Got a great deal on flight to Las Vegas!

(Posted at 7:20 pm on June 22, 2010.)

5 Stars Planning family trip to Disneyland

Expedia was amazing and absolutely gave me the best rate! Love the website and ease of use!

(Posted at 5:06 pm on June 22, 2010.)

5 Stars expedia is cool - global cool

I have been using expedia or several years. This is the best site to book domestic as well as international flights.

(Posted at 3:27 pm on June 22, 2010.)

4 Stars Very Nice Price

I had to book a flight at the last minute and the sites I went to were so expensive. I went to Expedia and received a cheap flight at a great rate. I will use expedia everytime I fly...

(Posted at 2:05 pm on June 21, 2010.)

4 Stars Good for comparison shopping

Expedia is one of my go-to sites for travel price comparisons. The format is very user-friendly, and I can usually find a coupon for what I want. I can also think of one credit card company who awards extra reward points for booking through Expedia, which can be a benefit for those frequent travelers. One other pro is that here you're allowed to tailor your vacation package in one convenient site, even if you are not looking for a package that includes airfare. A negative that I must mention is my few interactions with phone customer service have been unpleasant at best. My favorite: While trying to change an itinerary, the rep actually tried to tell me it made sense to pay a $150 change fee rather than just buy a new $115 ticket. The site is pretty good, but I deduct points for a couple encounters with apathetic, condescending customer service. Luckily, you can just stick with the site most of the time. I would give the site 5 stars, but the service made me deduct points.

(Posted at 1:08 am on June 19, 2010.)

5 Stars Expedia

Best prices around. easy to find quality hotels near any detestation not matter your budget! Favorite travel site.

(Posted at 12:34 pm on June 18, 2010.)

2 Stars Not easy to change reservations once they are made.

not too happy I had reservations and when i called to change them I was put on hold and hung up on twice and then when I finally got a hold of someone the person I spoke to told me that to change my reservation from a Friday to a Saturday I would have to pay another $130 but it is not the fact that I had to pay more it was the way i was told. The third person i spoke to did explain why I would pay more and was nice about it but after the first two calls I felt like just canceling my reservations and calling the hotel directly.

Sorry I cant give a better review but I am just being honest.

(Posted at 3:05 pm on June 16, 2010.)

5 Stars Expedia ROCKS!

Every time I search for flights, hands down Expedia offers the best rates. I often search the competitors but I always end up booking with Expedia in the end because their prices cannot be beat.

The only feedback I feel necessary to give is to express the need for the site to have a better system for emergency changes to the flight times.

(Posted at 5:03 pm on June 14, 2010.)

5 Stars Not on Orbitz

I initially was trying to book a flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Shenyang via China Southern Air and I tried the CS Air website first. That failed so I then tried Orbitz...failed. Apparently the gods were not on my side with this trip and I was getting anxious. Finally I signed on to Expedia and found that even though CS Air couldn't book my flight for some unknown technological problem, but it was also $10 cheaper than Orbitz. Hooray!!

Thanks Expedia

(Posted at 6:21 am on June 14, 2010.)

4 Stars Expidite your Travels

Expedia- the name says it all. It is a quick, accurate, and reliable travel site to quickly "Expedite" your seach for hotels, flights, and great vacation deals. After all, aren't we all trying to get from point A to point B the fastest and most economical way possible? Reviews here are done by those of us who actually use this service and comment on our experiences fairly.

(Posted at 3:08 pm on June 12, 2010.)

4 Stars If you haven't tried it, give it a try!

Booking with Expedia has always been easy - I used Expedia a lot for a previous supervisor I had who traveled a lot. It's easy and discounted when booking airfare, hotels, and car rental at the same time. Cancellations have never been a problem. The only potential issue is that you can't make changes with the airline, hotel, car rental agency directly, or at least I've been told that I had to contact Expedia to do that. Other than that, it's by far the easiest (and as far as I can tell, the most affordable) way to book travel.

(Posted at 10:25 am on June 12, 2010.)

5 Stars Expedia is the best !!!

Before I began to use Expedia I use to pay a lot's of money on Hotels.

But now thanks to Expedia I have saved lot's of cash !! noone has the price they do.

Thank You Expedia

(Posted at 6:54 pm on June 9, 2010.)

4 Stars Expedia Phone service

I tend to normally book my flights online. Today I called and was very happy not only with the price but that the agent helped me get a senior discount for my mother in law and helped book a direct flight for her.I would recommend Expedia over priceline any day of the week!

(Posted at 4:21 pm on June 6, 2010.)

3 Stars Has Better Prices - Needs Better Website

I just finished my second purchase with Expedia including 7 international tickets for nearly 40,000 total miles.

They easily beat the price of my local travel agents. They also beat the price of Orbitz by about $10 a ticket.

In terms of clarity of the various options, such as the cheapest mix of airlines and how long the stopover would be for for the flight and many other important factors, as well as the general look of the site Orbitz wins over Expedia.

However, if you already know what you want and are looking purely for the best price I found Expedia to have the edge.

(Posted at 1:43 pm on June 6, 2010.)

5 Stars Booking out of the US

I love EXPIDIA it's so easy to find a hotel out of the US - better prices than booking local & safer. Colombia, Peru, Mexico.... You can trust the site!

(Posted at 7:32 am on June 6, 2010.)

4 Stars San Francisco, CA

My trip to San Francisco, CA, was my first time to use Expedia when booking my round trip flight. Expedia was GREAT! I even emailed their customer service contact for a question and guess what, they did respond. I really liked the ease of booking my flight on Expedia which was nice since I don't fly often. I would definitely recommend Expedia to my friends and family for their vacations. In fact, I have trip coming up this September and you bet I'm going to book my flight with Expedia! :o)

(Posted at 10:43 am on June 4, 2010.)


peru,spain,expidia is the best.

you cannot compare expidia,with any other.

save your time and book with expidia.

(Posted at 2:56 pm on June 2, 2010.)

3 Stars Expedia - flights

I have always considered Expedia as a reliable website to book flights. So far had no trouble with any of my bookings.

Best, Rosa

(Posted at 9:07 am on May 31, 2010.)

5 Stars Revolutionary!

Plain and simply one of Apples best products to date. Will impact how future conputer equipment will be made. I am still wait for my store in New York to get the 64g 3g in stock.

(Posted at 12:08 pm on May 27, 2010.)

5 Stars Waikiki- Expedia Package

Expedia makes it simple and easy to find the best travel package that suite our needs. I have personally used Expedia to make reservations in Reno, Vegas, and several trips to Hawaii. The site is easy and straight forward and if I have to, I have called the customer support to make changes to my reservations and have always gotten a friendly and willing to help representative. To get the best price, you should always plan early, Expedia seems to always have those "Early Booking Bonus".

(Posted at 1:29 pm on May 25, 2010.)

4 Stars trustable, easy to find

I am using Expedia for all of my trips. I am really happy with it, since I can find affordable, and nice deals at any time.

(Posted at 12:55 am on May 25, 2010.)

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