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Expedia Rating Overall Expedia has a 4.5 star rating based on 196 user reviews.

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5 Stars coupons


(Posted at 2:27 pm on May 24, 2010.)

2 Stars Expedia Coupons is one of the internet's most tried, tested and true online flight booking sights. That being said, it has some positive and negatives. A lot of the promo codes and coupons they have available are really useful for planning a full trip with hotels and car rentals, etc. For packages, they are awesome. I went to Mexico and had a 5 night 6 day stay in an awesome hotel for like 500 bucks - great promo. However, when it comes to getting a deal on a solitary flight, this is not their strong suit. They need to offer like "10% of flights to Canada" or something like that, because when you compare their basic flights to travelocity and orbitz etc., they don't necessarily have the best price and it may be worth looking elsewhere before committing.

(Posted at 11:05 am on May 23, 2010.)

5 Stars All In One Booking

Expedia is the best way to book a full vacation from the hotel to the flight. They can save you so much money when you book together. They even offer cruise booking and full vacation packages. It is amazing because they don't charge you if you change or cancel your bookings. That makes them the best site.

(Posted at 9:50 pm on May 22, 2010.)

5 Stars Review of Expedia

Expedia has always been the best place for me to book flights or vacations. Expedia has saved me a lot of money on the destinations I want or need to visit. I will always use expedia to book my travel.

(Posted at 4:02 pm on May 22, 2010.)

4 Stars East to save a few buck$

I used Expedia to book my family's summer trip to Disneyland. The user interface is simple to use and intuitive. It helps one plan the trip step by step (and doesn't log you off if you check another site). I used Alaska Air's vacation planner, a travel agent and tried to buy piece-meal for this trip. After all this effort, Expedia was less expensive and quicker. Save yourself the a believer...use Expedia.

(Posted at 1:08 am on May 20, 2010.)

4 Stars Ease of Use

I love using Expedia because to me it seems to be the simplest of all travel websites. The ease of use combined with the speed of their searches makes Expedia the place where I always go to look for flights.

(Posted at 4:38 pm on May 17, 2010.)

5 Stars dont book anywhere else

i have traveled alone and with a small bugget, ever since i was 16 years old. and i have always book with expidia, it is not even worth going to a hunt to a different website, because expidia offers are so much better all the time...

(Posted at 5:57 pm on May 16, 2010.)

4 Stars Great website

Expedia is able to find the best price deals most of the time. Usually I don't need to look elsewhere.

(Posted at 7:16 pm on May 15, 2010.)

5 Stars No matter how long I search I always come back to Expedia

Whenever I am planning a trip I start my search using Expedia. I then expand my search and spend hours looking for that ever elusive better deal. Why do I waste my time. I ALWAYS COME BACK TO EXPEDIA.

(Posted at 12:33 am on May 15, 2010.)

5 Stars Expedia tops for domestic and international

My brother and I (both international college students in the US) have used Expedia for domestic (US) flights as well as for travel between the US and the Caribbean, and have always been impressed by the flexibility of booking, the great prices and the quality of the information provided for airlines and destinations.

(Posted at 10:58 pm on May 11, 2010.)

4 Stars Good pricing, not so user friendly

I really like booking with Expedia. The pricing is as good or better than most every other site, but if you want to book a hotel with flight, it only gives you two destinations, whereas other sites give you more options.

(Posted at 5:07 pm on May 9, 2010.)

5 Stars Smooth and Efficient

Got on line, typed in Expedia, where I wanted to go and when. The prices were unbeatable and my family and I will be traveling at the end of June. My vacation already started when I didn't have a hassle making our reservations. Go Expedia! I'll be back!

(Posted at 3:05 pm on May 7, 2010.)

5 Stars Fast and Amazingly affordable.

Being in the military I fly often. Whether it be for a change of station or just to go home on leave, getting an airline ticket used to be the worst part of the deal. At least that's what I thought until I started using Now I can get the best tickets for my trip cheap and promptly. It makes the trip home that much easier and I can relax knowing I've gotten the best deal available. Highly recommend it for anyone who hates booking tickets. How can you hate it when its 4 clicks and you're good to go?

(Posted at 8:57 pm on April 30, 2010.)

5 Stars flights to canada

Thanks for the best deal to fly to canada.

A excellent deal and service.

(Posted at 10:05 am on April 30, 2010.)

4 Stars Expedia=Good

I have had no troubles using this user-friendly website. I often get confused and flustered when trying to navigate myself around websites but this

(Posted at 1:28 am on April 30, 2010.)

4 Stars Great Place to Shop

I have look at alot of web sites for a hotel in Las Vegas and you have the best prices. Also you have disconts I have seen

(Posted at 1:18 pm on April 27, 2010.)

5 Stars Airline booking

Booked airline from Expedia had the lowest price after comparing with different sites. Booking process was very smooth.

(Posted at 10:11 am on April 23, 2010.)

4 Stars Fast and Painless

I have booked two different itineraries within a week and found the process to be easy, the pricing to be the same or in a few instances better than other online travel sites.

(Posted at 11:18 am on April 19, 2010.)

4 Stars Detroit to Las Vegas

My parents recently moved to Las Vegas. Expedia made it very easy to find cheaper flights due to the flexibility options.

(Posted at 2:30 pm on April 13, 2010.)

5 Stars Great site for Travel

I have booked several trips using Expedia and I couldn't be more pleased with their prices and options available for travel. Hotel stays in Vegas, San Francisco, LA and throughout the states have been very easy to book and research the best amenities/services for my travel requirements. I would highly recommend using Expedia for all your travel needs.

(Posted at 1:18 pm on April 13, 2010.)

5 Stars Expedia Rocks!

Expedia service is awesome, my girlfriend and I booked some vacations in Cancun, when we arrived at the hotel inmediatly an expedia specialized agent contact us to give us the welcome and if we needed something he was going to be there for us. Is nice cuz the contact u in a very nice way and they r not bugging u while u stay somewhere.

I highly recommend expedia services. We were happy to book in this website, even we used an $50 dolar coupon!

Congrats for great service.

(Posted at 1:31 am on April 13, 2010.)

5 Stars All the features you want

Most efficient, simple to use and consistently low priced site for flights, hotels and car rental. Reliably helpful with changes and problems with travel. We've never been disappointed.

(Posted at 5:07 am on April 12, 2010.)

5 Stars A+

recently I booked a travel deal with expedia. Unfortunatly something came up and I was no longer able to travel. I called expedia and right away they refunded my money, no questions asked. I would be delighted to travel with expedia at anytime. A++++++ service. =)

(Posted at 1:33 pm on April 6, 2010.)

5 Stars Great Easy Way to Book Online

Have booked several trips through Expedia. I find the site very easy to navigate and it's nice to print the tickets too from home/work. I will admit I usually check some of the other travel sites too for comparison, but even if the price is the same, I still return to Expedia to book the trip. Would recommend to anyone.

(Posted at 10:24 pm on February 28, 2010.)

5 Stars our hotel stay

we booked a hotel recently with expedia and it was was soooo fast and easy...the price was just right within our budget and the hotel was great...we would definitely book a hotel through expedia once again!!thank you for making our experience easy and convienient...

(Posted at 6:39 am on February 28, 2010.)

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