Express Clothing Reviews

Express Clothing Reviews

Express Clothing Rating Overall Express Clothing has a 5 star rating based on 12 user reviews.

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5 Stars style

I love the styles of pants that they carry. They are a great fit and have a great price!

(Posted at 6:09 pm on March 26, 2012.)

5 Stars very clean and tidy store

The prices are a little steep for school age girls but its a nice store 79 dollars for a pair of jeans is absurd but I guess im not the only customer you have.


(Posted at 3:23 pm on August 24, 2011.)

5 Stars love express

My husband and I,love express for many reasons,quality of clothing,prices,style and of couse cupons,cupons,cupons most of the times we go we recieve something back, this time i got a cupon for $25 dollar off of $50.00 purchase but i dont even used it because they have alot of clothes on sale.i will eventually use it later on but I think this store is affordable for every one!!!

(Posted at 3:55 pm on July 16, 2011.)

5 Stars skirts

love the skirt that i can wear to work a wash

(Posted at 12:35 pm on May 13, 2011.)

5 Stars Awesome Coupons/Sales

I went to express a few weeks ago and had a coupon for $50 off $150 purchase and $15 off $75 so I figured I'd go in and use them. I ended up getting lucky and it happened to also be everything in the store was buy one, get one half off. I saved a total of $150-$160 with all of the sales. They also had the mystery express cash promotion, and since I made 2 separate purchases I received 2 cards. One was $50 and the other was $15. I went back again during a sale with buy one get one 50% off 1MX shirts and again saved a lot of money. I love express clothes and all of their promotions really show they care about their customers and that is why I keep going back.

(Posted at 4:35 pm on March 31, 2011.)

5 Stars Quality

Hi I've been a customer for at least 10yrs but I have to say it's been a little hard with this economy to afford their clothes anymore but I have to say what I had bought from Express is such a high quality it will last wash after wash they are very good and strong I luv that at least something last a lifetime,

(Posted at 8:25 am on March 28, 2011.)

5 Stars Great stuff and sales!

I've always heard of Express but never really shopped there. I've recently started shopping there and love it. It s good mix of clothing from dressy, to work clothes, going out on the town clothes and relaxing everyday clothes, yet still stylish! They have great accessories and purses. I found a clutch there over a month ago and talked my self out of buying it. I went back last week and it was $30 off and I bought! You wait for a good sale and you can get some great stuff!! Needeless to say, its my new place to shop!

(Posted at 8:30 am on June 25, 2010.)

5 Stars Great for shirts

Their clothing is expensive but when the sales come around its worth it. Their dress shirts are stylish and comfortable. I know more girls that shop there than guys but it's still frequented by guys. The women's section is generally better in selection and prices but that's the same as in other stores (it's called targeting their shoppers). Give it a try.

(Posted at 6:28 pm on June 9, 2010.)

5 Stars Express Coupons - The only way to shop

Express is a very expensive store. The clothes are cute, but overpriced for the quality they have. That's why I only shop there when they have the 15 off 30, and 30 off 75 promos. Sometimes, in between a few months of offering these codes, they'll offer a 15 off of 60 or something like that - the percentage of savings is lower. Don't go for it! Unless there is an item you are worried will sell out quickly, just be patient - they usually cave and start doing promos again that are around 40-50% off, such as the promo going this month till May 23rd. The coupons are always pretty darm reliable, the only caveat is that a lot of the time they don't allow it to be applied to clearance items (booo!) otherwise, the savings would be ridiculous. However, if you print the coupons off and go in store, you may get "Express Cash" if you spend a certain amount anyways, so that is a plus of using the coupon in store instead of online.

(Posted at 10:44 am on May 23, 2010.)

5 Stars great store!

I have shopped Express, and now Express online, for many years and it is still one of my favorite stores. They always have great, trendy clothing and the prices are pretty competitive. Further, if you have a return they do not harass you but make it a pleasant experience. Will continue to shop!

(Posted at 10:19 am on May 4, 2010.)

5 Stars Great designs and best discounts

Large verify of clothings is the best thing by which Express can be described ... Best of all in everyones range

(Posted at 9:24 pm on February 24, 2010.)

5 Stars Need bigger sizes

I love your store but would like to see more XL size clothing stocked in your stores. I also miss all the coupons. I used to receive a special give away coupon for black friday but have not seen one. I would love to shop at your stores on Friday and would love to see you special ads for the day.

(Posted at 6:54 am on November 24, 2009.)

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