Harry and David Reviews

Harry and David Reviews

Harry and David Rating Overall Harry and David has a 4.4 star rating based on 47 user reviews.

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2 Stars Beware of the peanuts

They have both artificial flavors and partially hydrogenated soybean oil (trans fat). Very disappointed.

(Posted at 10:18 pm on May 18, 2016.)

2 Stars poor resolve

Received a gift set from a co-worker. Tasty treats, beautifully packed and a box of 6 pears. I understand the ripening process, but white mold is a bit over the top. I let them know about it only to alert them of a vendor problem, but they asked me to provide the name and zip code of the gifter, so as to replace them. It was a gift....Duhhh. replace the pears or not...I didn't I asked them to simply give my pears to their local food bank. I won't shop Harry and David not because of moldy fruit, but because of how they handled the situation.

(Posted at 6:11 pm on January 9, 2016.)

5 Stars Royal Riviera pears

You may not appreciate the price you dish out for Royal Riviera pears, but one bite and you'll well spent!

(Posted at 4:49 pm on December 4, 2015.)

5 Stars customer Service

I just placed an oder for Christmas gifts with Kathy. I didn't have my catalog and only knew what I wanted, no numbers. She was so patient and so courteous.

She didn't seem to even mind that I had not saved my catalog and had no information to help her with my order.

It was a pleasure to work with her.

(Posted at 9:44 pm on December 8, 2012.)

4 Stars Fruit of the Month Lite

I have received Harry and David fruit of the month light package in the past, as a holiday gift to myself, and truly enjoyed the fruit every month. The fruit came well packaged and it was delicious... a gift that kept on giving throughout the year.

Thank you

(Posted at 8:29 am on March 16, 2011.)

5 Stars Charred Pineapple is Grrrreat

I was introduced to your Charred pineapple relish with candied peppers by a rug hooking friend. It is wonderful. I ate so much of it that day I should have been embarrased. I wasn't! One of my other rug hooking friends brought some to me when she came to my home for rughooking. We don't have a store close by that carries it. I have to drive 50 to 60 miles. At least that is the closest one I know of. The relish is wonderful. Just enough zing to add spice to whatever you are eating it with. It even adds flavor zest to Ritz Crackers.

(Posted at 1:19 pm on March 8, 2011.)

5 Stars best service ever

received the best service ever at the Harrya and David store in Loveland CO. The clerk was very helpful and very nice. Will be going back.

(Posted at 10:10 pm on March 5, 2011.)

5 Stars Sympathy basket - Easy & Smooth

When ordering a sympathy gift for a friend you want the online shopping experience to be easy and efficient. Harry & David's site is well organized which allowed for simple selection of gifts and smooth checkout. Thank you.

(Posted at 10:13 pm on February 18, 2011.)

5 Stars Pepper & Onion Relish

Our family was introduced to Harry & David's Pepper & Onion Relish several years ago. This relish is mixed with cream cheese for a faulous dip that we serve with Fritos. This dip has become a mainstay for all get-togethers and we have shared this wonderful, easy recipe with others. As a result, we send someone to an outlet store on a regular basis to buy full cases of the wonderful relish. This Friday I'll be traveling to a store in Washington, PA and have been taking orders for jars of Pepper & Onion relish. I'll be coming home with four cases on this trip. I plan to pick up some other relishes because we want to try some new treats. Thank you Harry & David--We love your products.

(Posted at 6:46 pm on February 13, 2011.)

5 Stars Excellent quality

Always excellent quality of foods, well packaged, and what is advertised is what is delivered

(Posted at 3:11 pm on February 6, 2011.)

5 Stars I love Harry & David

I have ordered from Harry and David's at least 5 times over the past year and I must say that the quality of their product is second to none. My purchases have typically arrived earlier than expected and are always received better than even I anticipated. I know that there are other sites that offer similar services, but none can hold a candle next to Harry & David's.

I especially recommend their fruit of the month offerings. With all the junk mail and bills that come through the mail, it is so nice to get a little treat delivered to you every month!

(Posted at 1:33 pm on January 20, 2011.)

5 Stars Harry & David Pepper relish and cream cheese dip - - - yum!!!

Every holiday season we purchase their pepper and onion relish. Mix one jar with 1/2 a brick of cream cheese and you've got the best dip for crackers you can get. It's always a huge hit! They've got many other top quality products. I've never been disappointed!

(Posted at 11:34 am on January 14, 2011.)

5 Stars Harry & David at a Glance

On the closing Escrow day, I recived a basket of fruits from my broker & got amazed to taste the real fruits. This was 12 years ago.

I received another fruit basket next month & then the next month and got acquainted with the company.

Ever since I received these baskets, I started the same tradition and my friends are doing the same now.

There are not enough words to thank Harry & David from me.

(Posted at 12:35 am on January 12, 2011.)

2 Stars on hold for 20 min and still waiting

i called to discuss fruit deliverd in damaged condition order # 720030093.

my name is Gabby Stein-Rilleau.

I also told agent

i wanted to place ad order.

he said can I mput you on hold for a minute? I said yes.

now 20 minutes latr,

my husband and I arequick service # 782010 4102. We order about $1,500.00 every holiday and are very unhappy right now!

(Posted at 11:02 pm on December 18, 2010.)

4 Stars Yummy!

Wow, these people know how to do yummy! Their holiday gift baskets are beautiful and to die for. Don't want candy? Get fruit. Their prices are a bit high, though.

(Posted at 10:41 pm on November 30, 2010.)

5 Stars The Best!!!

Harry and David has by far the best "goodies" I have ever eaten. Everything I have ever bought has been outstanding. I have not (honestly) ever had a product I did not find delicious. Now, I haven't eaten everything in the store; but, I have had dozens and dozens of products. It is also the place I go for gifts. I typically look for sale items, sometimes they have overstock products which are very cheap. Some of their items are expensive, at least for my budget. They also support the military, which is near and dear to my heart, they had a deal where you could buy a moose munch bar and they would send it to the troops. They also have a frequent buyer program, which I have a membership, and they send some great savings coupons. Their staff are friendly and knowledgeable. On one visit I learned so much about their pears, I would have never known so much time and effort went into growing pears, I understand why the fruit is pricey. It is the place I go for gourmet food and gifts. All around, It is just an excellent store.

(Posted at 6:02 pm on November 30, 2010.)

5 Stars Sending gifts from Harry and David is a guaranteed hit!

We've given gifts from Harry and David for several years in a row, and we have never been disappointed. The recipients loved the fruit, often telling us that it is some of the best fruit that they had ever had. Harry and David's site is easy to use and explains the products well. They also run specials that are great deals. Along with all that, it's nice to know that we're sending something healthy for our family, many of whom deal with health issues. With all the goodies available around the holidays, Harry and David's fruit is a guilt-free treat! I would highly recommend them!

(Posted at 1:12 pm on November 27, 2010.)

5 Stars Harry & David

I love the Harry & David products that I've purchased. I've yet to be disappointed. They are great, for the holidays or anytime!

(Posted at 1:27 pm on November 22, 2010.)

5 Stars Delightful and Delectable

Have you ever been in a Harry and David store? One stop and you'll be a fan. One of my favorites is the Pepper and Onion Relish. It's similar to a salsa, but much more unique. It tastes great right out of the jar, or mixed with cream cheese for a delicious spread. I often include this product in my homemade gift baskets, and everyone comments on how good it is. I also have it on hand when my nephew comes for Christmas...othewise, he's hugely disappointed!

There's many many tasty treats at Harry and David, and they introduce new items frequently. I've never been disappointed with any of their products.

(Posted at 7:35 pm on November 21, 2010.)

3 Stars Love Harry & David!!!

I absolutely love H&D products. These gifts have great decadent sweets to amazing main course to please all your guests. I always get excited when I receive a gift from Harry & David. But most important, it's gift that your loved ones will enjoy so much that they will become loyal customers with Harry & David! Just as I did!!

(Posted at 10:56 am on November 12, 2010.)

4 Stars Really Fresh Fruit!

I have given and received fruit gifts from Harry and David for years. The fresh fruit is always incredibly fresh and tasty, better than what you find in a grocery store. I like the selections and being able to customize a gift for sending.

However, when I gave a fruit-of-the-month gift, the recipient liked the fresh fruits, but said she got more pears than anything else, not as much variety as we had expected her to get. Also, I wish I could order a fruit basket with dates or just dates for my father.

In all, the gift baskets and boxes are a good value for the money,

(Posted at 4:56 pm on November 1, 2010.)

5 Stars It's great

I love the pears. Every time I go to someone's house this is my thank you gift to them, I only wish that I could be there when they arrive. One time I sent them as a thank you gift for a visit to a friends home, later that month as a get well gift.

They told me when the second batch arrived they just starred at them and one person picked a pear out of the box and just smelled it, the next person took it from them and smelled it, they just passed it around to the next. Then someone said I wonder how they can get each one just perfectly ripe!

THen only thing I do not like is that you have to wait for delivery. I guess you can't rush a good thing.

(Posted at 3:16 pm on October 31, 2010.)

2 Stars Deceptive pricing!

Unless you're willing to pay over 25% for shipping, avoid them at all costs! I was willing to break my budget to purchase 4 separate items totaling $106 and they wanted over $30 for regular shipping! Their products are very enticing and appear to be a bargain marked down and with coupons but when you add in shipping costs their prices are simply obscene.

(Posted at 8:33 am on October 22, 2010.)

4 Stars overall, good company

We have shopped for and received gifts from Harry and David for years. They go out of their way to make mistakes right for the customer. Recommend them!

(Posted at 8:30 am on October 21, 2010.)

5 Stars Harry and David products

Harry and David products exceed my expectations every time! I cannot keep their hot and smoky pepper and onion relish in the house because my friends and family always want a jar to take home. Even folks who don't like spicy foods love this relish. It is great with crackers and even better with havarti cheese added!

(Posted at 2:55 pm on October 18, 2010.)

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