MacMall Reviews

MacMall Reviews

MacMall Rating Overall MacMall has a 4.3 star rating based on 3 user reviews.

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5 Stars Mac World!!!!

MacMall is the biggest , nicest ,and cleanest store I have ever went to. MacMall is the first store I have ever went to when some one greets you right when you walk in to. It is the best store I have ever went to.

(Posted at 10:44 pm on November 4, 2010.)

3 Stars Just and OK from Me

We've been purchasing from macmall for years but lately they just seem off their game. I purchased 5 external hard drives for a my business and they sent just one and then told me the rest are on backorder. Not happy about this, would have liked to have known before the sent out just the one. Then it took 4 weeks to get the other hard drives. When they arrived they worked fine but was just not so happy with the fact the sent one and I had to sit arund waiting for the others to arrive with no notice or timeframe.

(Posted at 4:48 pm on May 30, 2010.)

5 Stars Best Deals on iPods Around

I've been shopping for iPods for awhile (but haven't bought... starving grad student) and MacMall always has the best prices on new gear. I've bought a few things from MacMall for my macbook and everything has arrived promptly.

(Posted at 8:19 pm on February 21, 2010.)

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