Newegg Reviews

Newegg Reviews

Newegg Rating Overall Newegg has a 4.6 star rating based on 85 user reviews.

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5 Stars Review

that is a good company to buy online. worth

(Posted at 4:14 am on March 19, 2012.)

5 Stars Newegg is the best.

Anytime I'm looking for just about any product, I always check first! will almost always have the product cheaper and their return policy is hard to beat. No tax and a lot of items are free 2-3 days shipping. Plus the information you can find on the product there through product details and especially reviews is the best when making a decision on a product.

(Posted at 3:52 pm on March 30, 2011.)

5 Stars Excellent Service

I bought a camera. It was cheap and fantastic.

(Posted at 2:57 pm on March 29, 2011.)

5 Stars Great products at reasonable prices

Everything I have bought at Newegg has been exactly as described. The delivery times are reasonable. I get sale ads all the time and I am continually tempted to buy stuff that I never knew I beeded

(Posted at 10:44 am on March 8, 2011.)


I shopped around everywhere looking for the best deal for a Dualit toaster for a gift. I heard about on the TodayShow thought I would check it out. After some comparison shopping, NewEgg came out on top having the lowest price compared to anyone else, plus free shipping! Now everytime I am looking for an item, I always check first before anywhere else! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

(Posted at 3:15 pm on March 6, 2011.)

5 Stars the best internet site to buy from

I am very happy to buy products from Newegg Company.

(Posted at 9:14 am on March 2, 2011.)

5 Stars check this out first

Your items are great

Need more time to all you have. Looks good so far.we will let our friends know about this place

(Posted at 4:08 pm on January 11, 2011.)

5 Stars Always Great Deals --

I've purchased from Newegg several times and have been completely satisfied with each transaction. They have an easy-to-navigate browsing menu for their site and a fast, painless (as possible) checkout system. Their everyday prices are pretty comparable to most large stores and you can get great deals by signing up for emails. All my purchases were speedily delivered and true to description. Don't hesitate to give this "super-seller" a try!

(Posted at 4:15 pm on November 29, 2010.)

5 Stars User-Friendly Deals on Electronics

New is a great website for both those with and without the tech savvy gene. Easy navigation, great product explanations, and many detailed reviews allow for smart purchases. Discounts blow all other electronic websites out of the water. Use this site and share it with friends. They'll thank you.

(Posted at 12:43 pm on November 29, 2010.)

4 Stars I was looking at tv's

I was looking at the tv's on the internet. They were

pleasantly surprising they had all the information

except the refresh rates on Sony bravo's 40 inch tv

(Posted at 11:18 pm on November 25, 2010.)

5 Stars The best Electronics store online

Newegg is the place to buy all your computer and electronics. They have the best customer service and return policy anywhere . and also they have the best prices around.

(Posted at 7:45 am on November 23, 2010.)

5 Stars great deals

It is a sure bet that I will find a good deal on anything electronics at Newegg. A friend of mine told me about the site and it instantly went to my favorites folder!! Love the site!

(Posted at 7:09 pm on November 18, 2010.)

4 Stars Great When Comparing

Newegg has good prices and fast shipping on most items. I will not always just take their price as I have found that it is rather hit and miss as to whether their prices will be the lowest for my particular item. Shipping is reasonable and if you are good at using free shipping deals it can be free for many items. Compared to local merchants I find myself saving large sums of money, sometimes up to half off. I have been shopping their sales for about three years and not had a problem in that time.

(Posted at 10:16 pm on November 12, 2010.)

4 Stars Buy Most (NOT All) of my computer items here!

Being a graphic designer and not a true techie, I usually look around a variety of sites, check reviews, check specs/prices for what I need and/or want for my business and my family. After researching it all out, I usually end up buying what I need here!

The only problem I have is this: I recently emailed for help from their customer service about what cables were needed for a new monitor that I was considering, to connect to my HP (that I bought here)... and instead of an answer, they referred me to the picture of the product, and the vendor phone number. I had obviously already looked at the darn picture (which didn't tell me what I was asking), and if I wanted to ask the vendor I would have already done so. So I ended up buying it from Amazon, and though it was $30 cheaper there, the shipping made up the difference. So though I rate that as a "fail", there are so many other good things about this site and I would still recommend you to my friends!

(Posted at 6:23 pm on November 12, 2010.)

5 Stars great prices

I have checked around and newegg has wonderful prices on so many items. I am definitely coming here to shop for the holidays.

(Posted at 2:24 pm on November 11, 2010.)

4 Stars Go to place for electronics

I've been a newegg customer for at least 10 years now. Many things have free shipping and the pricing is great. Only one time out of dozens did I have a problem, customer service handled it OK, and gave me a gift certificate too. Still, the website said the item was in stock, but somehow it wasn't and I was expecting it on a certain date. I deducted a star for this.

It's still my go-to place for computer electronics.

(Posted at 8:30 pm on November 6, 2010.)

1 Stars New Egg Service

New Egg service sucks!

(Posted at 3:06 pm on October 22, 2010.)

4 Stars Newegg Is the Best

Newegg is the best electronics online store out there. It has the best customer service in the industry. They will not deceive you like so many others have.

Make sure to save money before you buy by using the most up to date coupons.

(Posted at 1:36 pm on October 18, 2010.)

5 Stars Best Deals

Newegg has the best deals compared to other online tech stores. Always has some promo discounts which i love.

(Posted at 6:16 pm on October 6, 2010.)

5 Stars Trustworthy

It is good to know I can go some where to get items I need knowing I am getting one of the best prices available. I am getting good quality merchandise and wonderful customer serivce.Not problem with returns and sometimes fantastic deals/offers.

Thank you to the people at Newegg for a good company with wonderful business ethics.

(Posted at 7:41 am on June 30, 2010.)

5 Stars DJ New Egg Review

I have been ordering from New Egg for years now. I order for both my business and for personal. I can tell you that their service is the greatest. Returns, replacement and regualar everyday orders. I can't complain but just recommend. New Egg anyday, anytime, anywhere, all the time.

(Posted at 1:13 pm on June 28, 2010.)

5 Stars Awesome Keyboards, Awesome Price

I just purchased 5 of the Logitech Mx5500 Keyoboard and Mice Combo form Newegg, and I received the product the very next day!!! These keyboards normally retail for about $150, plus, but I bought them for less than $100. Awesome price!!!

(Posted at 4:09 pm on June 25, 2010.)

4 Stars product variety

First time user of the website but there is a huge variety and featured/discounted items. It is also very user friendly and easy to navigate around. Love it!

(Posted at 1:14 pm on June 25, 2010.)

5 Stars Well rounded site

New egg routinely has the lowest component prices and variety. For example, they were the only place that carried the Cowon MP3 player I wanted. Circuit City (R.I.P) and Best Buy didn't even have the brand.

(Posted at 11:25 am on June 23, 2010.)

5 Stars Fast, Up to date, and diverse is a site that me and my gaming roommates all but depend on to help us build our computers. Despite having a Best Buy just down the street, we would rather wait for the Newegg deals to getting something overpriced from a store simply because demand is high. Besides, with expedited shipping options, the wait becomes more than bearable. The 1TB external drive I picked up has worked like a charm and is something I haven't been able to find locally anywhere for the $70 price tag I picked it up for. Definitely a site I recommend for those who are serious about building/upgrading their computer systems.

(Posted at 3:55 am on June 22, 2010.)

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