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Newegg Rating Overall Newegg has a 4.6 star rating based on 85 user reviews.

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5 Stars 1st Time NewEgg Purchase

I research several websites to purchase a new mono printer. The printer narrowed down to an HP P2055d because it has a stronger more robust look. It also has an assortment of business features.

The Newegg online store won my business because it had the best overall price (including ship & handling), and detailed product information.

(Posted at 2:45 pm on February 1, 2010.)

5 Stars Best deals around!

I'm a convert to Newegg! Not only are they the repository of all computer items I need, they are the first place I go to to look up reviews for the parts. There's no censoring of the reviewers and the community's as honest as you get. The prices are simply the best and the deals are amazing for pet projects I work on. Thanks Newegg!

(Posted at 4:55 pm on January 31, 2010.)

5 Stars newegg review

I've used newegg on occasion for my computer parts and they have always come through for me. I've only done it a few times, but gosh they have a nice website layout and I go there just to look stuff over a lot. THANKS NEWEGG!

(Posted at 4:54 am on January 27, 2010.)

5 Stars my new egg

i have been buying off new egg for years now about 5. they are one of the best sites on the internet for many reason they are very honest,the prices are great,customer service is a+ in my book.they offer just about everything you could ever need. i buy lots of stuff from them for my small ebay site. the web site is set up so you can easyily find products.i also have a new egg prefered card that helps with the shipping speed and cost. i have only had to return 1 thing from them and i had no problems at all doing so!! so i hope this review helps anyone who reads i said you are very safe when you buy from newegg. and you have the comfort of nowing the price is the best on the net!! and the customer service is there to back you up! one other thing i would recomend the newegg perfered card for people who buy alot from them. thank you anthony interland. ps my 10yr old son was given a 8g touch last year for xmass and left it in my locked car on the seet and someone smashed the window and stole it right out of the car my son was so upset about it getting stolen. thats why iam trying to win this touch plus i also love newegg bye have to go buy some stuff of new egg now!!!!

(Posted at 12:35 pm on January 24, 2010.)

5 Stars Newegg or Bust

Newegg has been a competitor for online sales of electronics for awhile, and there is a reason for that. Simply put, it combines great pricing with great service. With all of the competition of the warehouse wholesale companies that rely on internet sales, only Newegg has stayed in competition the longest with the best reviews. I've personally shopped at Newegg for years with excellent results (and having to return items and call customer support). I've also had the "pleasure" of contacting Tigerdirect for a return and having to deal with a language barrier and an overall negative demeanor when I tried to return an item that was defective. In the end, the its up to the buyer if they want to risk marginally lower prices at online competitors, or if they want to still get stuff cheaper than retail (places like Frys or Best Buy) and still get great customer service, and reliability from a company that will remain on top of the internet sales foodchain.

(Posted at 1:57 am on January 24, 2010.)

4 Stars very goog

very easy and well put together site. prices are competitive and good information on the products. wish i could place order over phone

(Posted at 10:26 am on January 22, 2010.)

5 Stars Amazing prices and service

I am new to building computers I ordered about $350 worth of parts shipping was only $20, better then people who charge for shipping on ebay. It took about less than three days for my items to arrive all in prefect condition and new. I was happy with my order, that I just bought a new monitor and adapter few days ago, and will keep buying items from newegg. I would recomend this website to anyone who wants to build computers.

(Posted at 4:02 pm on January 13, 2010.)

5 Stars Agree with positive reviews

Newegg has very good deals and fast shipping. I bought my external hard drive from Newegg for a fraction what it was at bestbuy.

(Posted at 6:06 pm on January 12, 2010.)

1 Stars was not posible to buy at newegg

Last octuber 29 a friend of mine from NY bought for me an AMD prossesor 965, MSI motherboard 790, MSI 4890 ciclon video card, rosewill 750 bronze power suplay and a thermal paste. At friday dicember 4 someone from Newegg call to him an say that was no posible to sent anything. I think it is not very serius for a company as Newegg. That weekend the prices were very good for me.

(Posted at 11:48 pm on December 6, 2009.)

4 Stars Fast and affordable!

I have never used this site before. I'm not what you call technology sabby, but this site was very easy to use and navigate. I felt like I got the best deals around. I will most definately use this site again because it gave me so many choices on different items. If I knew what I was getting everyone I would have ordered everything from!

Thanks for making things easy,


(Posted at 9:58 pm on November 30, 2009.)

5 Stars Newegg is amazing.

Newegg is an amazing company, buying there own stock and do on. They have 3 day shipping for free on just about anything and everything is already discounted. Ive bought several pieces from them. They will always be my preferred outlet. Also, they have a magnificent selection of the latest and greatest video card,s procs, motherboards, and such, allowing for cheap and easy upgrades to existing Pc's. They Also sell Tv's, bare bone systems, and full built pc's at amazing prices, along with free gifts. I recommended a hundred percent.

(Posted at 5:44 pm on November 28, 2009.)

4 Stars fast&easy ordering

Have used site to locate IT products for misc. Build Projects w/success. Highly recommend utilizing site when sourcing high mix/low volume ELC components. Great on-line stock availability and catalog details, immediate customer support provided,including technical support.

(Posted at 5:25 pm on November 28, 2009.)

5 Stars New to Newegg

With the holiday season looming, one has to find the best deals available. I was looking for the Wii Sports Resort special offer which included 2 Motion Plus accessories, which has become hard to find. Not only did Newegg have the item, but I was able to get cashback through Bing. On top of that, I got free shipping - not the standard free USPS that most sites offer (and which takes up to 2 weeks), but DHL shipping, which means I got it in 3 days! Now I check with Newegg first, and find they have a lot of great deals and specials. I highly recommend them!

(Posted at 10:04 am on November 27, 2009.)

5 Stars awsome compant

best deals online

(Posted at 9:00 am on November 27, 2009.)

5 Stars New Egg laptop shopping!

These are high quality electronics. I went into the site and the usability was great. Site navigation was awesome. You can pick out your products from a wide array of options.

Some laptops are on the pricey side, in the same range as apple for instance, but I think the quality and personalized style are worth it! You can pick as expensive a laptop or cheap as you want it.

I got the IBM thinkpad. I was very happy with my purchase!

(Posted at 6:30 pm on November 24, 2009.)

5 Stars NewEgg YELPING!

There are so many products to choose from Chinese and American made!

Products: 4.5 Stars

Pricing is great. Probably the best feature on NewEgg is the competitive pricing.

Price: 5 Stars

Information is awesome.

Site Information 5

Site Navigation is easy.

Customer Service: 4

CS is okay...of course its online what do you expect.



(Posted at 6:21 pm on November 24, 2009.)

5 Stars newegg rules!

Just bought a Patriot Flashdrive 64 GB. And with the rebate it was only 75 bucks shipped. New Egg makes using the rebate so easy. NewEgg always has the fairest prices!

Thanks NEWEGG!

(Posted at 6:18 pm on November 24, 2009.)

5 Stars Patriot Flashdrive 64 GB

Just bought a Patriot Flashdrive 64 GB. And with the rebate it was only 75 bucks shipped. New Egg makes using the rebate so easy. NewEgg is awesome!

(Posted at 6:17 pm on November 24, 2009.)

5 Stars Thanks NewEgg!

I buy all my electronics on New egg. When I built my computer I got the tower from them and the hard drive. Their prices are beyond fair and when they have deals the price is really low. The egg ratings are also helpful!

Thanks NewEgg!

(Posted at 6:16 pm on November 24, 2009.)

5 Stars NewEgg rules!

I buy all my electronics on New egg. When I built my computer I got the tower from them and the hard drive. Their prices are beyond fair and when they have deals the price is really low. The egg ratings are also helpful!

Thanks NewEgg!

(Posted at 6:14 pm on November 24, 2009.)

5 Stars Fast shipping, perfect record

Been using Newegg for about four years, bought computer components, MP3 player and a printer...everything has always arrived within the shipping estimated time, packed well and exactly as described.

You need to do your homework on individual items to make sure it is what you want, but Newegg is very open about the limitations, flaws and features of everything it sells. What more could you want???

(Posted at 9:43 am on November 22, 2009.)

4 Stars Good items and good prices

The site features many electronics for sale at very reasonable prices. Each product fits to each individual needs, and there are a wide price range to choose from. The site features the ability for customers to put reviews, which is extremely helpful when choosing an item you want to purchase.

Products: 4.5 Stars

Offers many new and old products at many prices. There are high-end as low-end lines of the product which offers a great deal of choices. The quality of the product i

Price: 5 Stars

The price is very reasonable for the quality of product you are receiving. Prices are generally much lower than that of electronic stores like Best Buy and Fry's.

Site Information 5

Easy search button for the customers to browse anything they want and for any price they want

Customer Service: 3.5

This depends on who you will get to as many agents provide useful information and help you with what you need. While other agents tends to be frustrating and do not understand you very well.

Overall a great site with a few tidbits of annoyance.

(Posted at 10:07 pm on November 18, 2009.)

4 Stars Good Shopping Experience

I bought 1g ddr ram for my dell laptop. Great price and they had a $10 rebate. Placed order monday night and it arrived Tuesday. I used basic shipping for 2.99. They have some other shipping options - additional 2.99 to ship out the order 1 day sooner, also 2nd day and next day for a lot more. I figured paying 2.99 for a $26 item was enough so I stuck with basic shipping.

They send emails and I got a tracking number once it was on the way.

(Posted at 6:41 pm on November 16, 2009.)

5 Stars Outstanding

I keep coming back to NewEgg because they consistently have great prices. I have even been willing to spend a little bit more with them because they stay well stocked and deliver excellently.

NewEgg is one of my favorite online suppliers and I will continue to use them for a long time.

(Posted at 12:10 pm on November 12, 2009.)

5 Stars Great Site

Newegg is one of my favorite sites. They have great prices on all things electronic. I would definitely check out Newegg before making any purchase. They also have fairly useful reviews.

(Posted at 8:32 pm on November 8, 2009.)

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