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Priceline Rating Overall Priceline has a 4.3 star rating based on 53 user reviews.

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4 Stars Previously Avoided,Now Only Priceline Hotels

We avoided bidding on Hotels even though freinds shared success stories. Afraid the hotels would be nasty and wife would have a cow. Finally tried it, got great deal for out of town swim meet. We are family of 6, so need two hotel rooms. Now I get two regular 2-bed hotel rooms in 3 or 3.5 star hotels for $35 to 48$ per room per night. The best I could have done before was $59 to $69. Just about to bid on a hotel in CA for 5 days on spring break. All but one of the hotels we have bid on through Priceline have been really clean...ones in Cincinnati, Cleveland, North Chicago and Indianapolis so far. None over $50 per night.

(Posted at 8:12 am on January 30, 2010.)

4 Stars Prices good and easy to access

I am very pleased every time I log on to priceline. I always fnd what I am looking for at a price that I can afford. The link is easy to follow. If you call for help the peple who answer the phone are more than willing to help and go out of their way to make things easy for you. I would recommend this web site to ayone who wants to travel and a resonable rate to try this for themselves

(Posted at 12:55 pm on January 26, 2010.)

4 Stars Will Keep Using

I have now booked two different trips (to Boston and Minneapolis) with Priceline, using them in one case for airline tickets and hotels, and the other time only for a hotel. In both cases, I got a much better deal than what was available through any other source. They have a large selection of participating hotels, offer reviews through multiple sources, and have an acceptable cancellation policy. I've never used them to book attractions or rentals, nor have I used "Name Your Price", so I can't fairly comment on either service.

I have only two complaints about Priceline. The first is the reviews offered by other customers (which is why I didn't detract from their star rating). Both hotels I stayed at received much lower reviews than what I feel they should have been given. I think this is because most Priceline customers feel that they should get more for what they pay for, and while that is the point of using such a service, it creates a false image of hotels and amenities. For example, both hotels received negative marks for amenities that customers didn't receive; however, the hotels did not state that those amenities were offered. In this case, the customer was given exactly what was advertised, and the displeasure they received was nobody's fault but their own.

Secondly, when I used Priceline to select my flight package, my itinerary changed almost weekly from the time that I booked my trip to the time that we boarded our first flight. The flight package we ended up receiving left 2 hours before we originally selected, and took almost 3 hours longer both ways because of added layovers. On our return trip, they switched us to a completely different airline, so we lost our direct flight and had a 2 1/2 layover in Detroit! If it weren't for the fact that our tickets were almost 1/2 the price offered by the airline, and the fact that Priceline compensated very well for canceled flights, this may have caused me more frustration. They do, however, offer the option of selecting a specific flight when booking your package for an increased fee, which would be a plus for those who don't like having their plans changed at the last minute.

(Posted at 7:16 pm on January 13, 2010.)

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