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Sephora Rating Overall Sephora has a 4.8 star rating based on 45 user reviews.

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5 Stars Not ONE bad thing to say

UNbelievable but I don't have anything negative to say about this place. I believe it's all because of the generous samples mostly offered without asking. That's great customre service that has kept me coming back for more and purchasing things I wouldn't normally buy. That equals a loyal customer. I wish they would carry stuff Cleu de Beaute concealer and some more high end hard to find brands. That'd be GREAT.

(Posted at 11:20 am on May 26, 2010.)

5 Stars The best beauty store anywhere, ever!

I have had such amazing experiences with Sephora -- I've been brand loyal my entire life to Clinique, until 2 years ago Sephora came to our local mall. The entire staff is pleasant, patient, knowledgable, unafraid of admitting they can't answer a question -- and finding a sales person who can. Sephora's return policy is unbelievable, service and staff incredible, and variety of brand and availability of stock just astounding. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else for my "beauty" needs and have encouraged (and dragged a few of them to come with me) most everyone I know to check them out. I've never heard a bad word about them and am delighted to have found them!!!

(Posted at 1:38 pm on May 13, 2010.)

5 Stars Sephora -everything a girl needs in one store!

Sephora is FAB! There carry a huge selection of products from affordable to high end.Every color you'll ever need in Lipsticks/gloss ,nail polish,eyeliners,blush......Creams and potions that smell wonderful and are full of the latest ingredients to help us girls look our it ,love ,love it

(Posted at 8:25 am on May 8, 2010.)

5 Stars best makeup store ever

Sephora cannot be beat for their range of products, competitive pricing and customer service. The very few times I have returned items (such as the Clarisonic because I found it on QVC for $40 less) it was done cheerfully and professionally. The only reason I don't go there every day is because I would buy something every day!

(Posted at 10:25 am on May 4, 2010.)

4 Stars LOVE

I love the ease of ordering, the range of products, and the samples!

(Posted at 4:31 pm on April 8, 2010.)

5 Stars Love everything

Sephora ships orders very quickly. They have a very good return policy. Intro new items with great deal.

(Posted at 8:25 pm on February 24, 2010.)

5 Stars What I like about Sephora

The cosmetics are great and make great gifts for the girlfriends special occasions. The packaging and gift cards are awesome. Love the ease in ordering on line.

(Posted at 8:44 am on February 17, 2010.)

5 Stars best site to get points and dif products

best on line site to get different product lines while earning points for future purchases. love that i can use the black bags they send products in for keeping my items organized when traveling.

(Posted at 7:40 am on February 15, 2010.)







(Posted at 7:06 am on January 15, 2010.)

5 Stars Mother and Daughter - Hooked on Sephora!

I started using Sephora when my 15 year old daughter brought some home after a shopping trip with Grandma. One hectic morning she left it sitting out, and I just couldn’t resist, I HAD to try some of those luscious colors and blends. And now, I love it! There is glitter galore for the perfect evening out. There are eye shadow shades that blend together and can create almost every look from sultry to simple pure innocence. Lip gloss for just that right shade! The mascara goes on silky smooth and extends those lashes out without a single under eye smudge. And these are just the colors! Santa will be bringing at least a sampler of the cleansing and moisturizing products. These will be for my daughter – it’s never too soon to learn how to keep out damaging sun rays, add firming moisturizer to those beautiful eyes, and replenishing lotion to wear at night.

We love it! Keep the products coming!

(Posted at 12:48 am on November 30, 2009.)

5 Stars My Absolute Favorite Store

I shop at Sephora's at least 3 times a month. They always have great new and top of line products. Im addicted!!!!

(Posted at 2:45 pm on November 13, 2009.)

5 Stars I Love Sephora

Sephora offers me the opportunity to try many different brand products first before I buy them. The sales people are very helpful and knowledgeable and always go out of their way to check if any out of stock items may be in the back storeroom. Last of all, I love the brands they carry! The department stores cannot compare for me and they always make me feel pressured to buy something.

(Posted at 5:08 pm on November 12, 2009.)

5 Stars discovery of

to shop for perm for my hair that was falling my friend. recommended phyto which i shop for at sephora .com then i saw all the other products that was offered and the discounts free shipping samples what more could i want i now make sephora my number 1 stop to shop for all my hair and beauty products .the products are excellent.

(Posted at 11:23 am on November 11, 2009.)

5 Stars Sephora - Convience and Bargins

Sephora online is my new way of shopping for my cosmetics! The site is easy to navigate and locating products has never been easier.

I normally go to their shops, but I always have to take out time from my busy schedule, to do so. I some times have to do without some product until I find the time, so I was delighted to find Sephora online! You have made my day.

Ordering was simple and direct, FREE shipping is wonderful and available discounts are great!

(Posted at 1:16 pm on October 29, 2009.)

5 Stars I have found Meca!!!

Sephora is my favorite places to shop on line and in store. It is the meca for beauty products! Any beauty product you want they have. There always coupons available wheater it's free shipping or discouts. I found 20% off searching the web and they are offering free shipping with a $50.00 order, you can't beat it! Also, there are free samples available at check out, and if you register for beauty insider you rack up points and that is another way to score free stuff. What is there not to like about Sephora? Ladies, it is one stop shopping for beauty suppies!

(Posted at 9:41 am on October 24, 2009.)

5 Stars Free Samples Free Samples!!!

I love Sephora! Not even one negative comment. They offer free samples that you select with every order, free shipping (over $50) sometimes less, opportunity for large bonus sample with point accumulation, they even sent me a birthday present. Wide range of Beauty products and value sets. I find myself going back...The Free Sample was a keeper!

(Posted at 4:18 pm on October 17, 2009.)

5 Stars It's all about the eyeshadow....

I have always struggled with eyeshadow that did not stay put or creased on my eyelids and only lasted a short time.

I remember looking through magazines where the models makeup always looked perfect, yet when I purchased the same makeup it only looked that good for a couple of minutes and it was gone. So unless I carried around an applicator and retouched all day long I was out of luck.

That is until I saw a photo of a model on Sephora's website wearing their own "Baby Blue" Mono Eyeshadow.Skeptical, I purchased it and IT WORKED!!

My eyes have been more beautiful ever since. Infact, I am purchasing some more colors right now! Thanks Sephora, Definitely worth the price!

(Posted at 7:16 am on October 14, 2009.)

4 Stars Great website!

I love this website!!! I love the store but when I can't get there this is the next best thing. I love that they always let me pick my samples when I order!

(Posted at 7:36 am on October 13, 2009.)

5 Stars Love Sephora!!!

This is my all time favorite...the selection is great and I always check the specials! This website is easy to use, it makes me feel like a kid in a candy store!

(Posted at 7:35 am on October 13, 2009.)

5 Stars online vs. in store

Love shopping on online at sephora, you get so many samples and freebies... not to mention usually free shipping and return, just in case you dont love what you ordered.

(Posted at 12:26 pm on October 12, 2009.)

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