Staples Reviews

Staples Reviews

Staples Rating Overall Staples has a 4.5 star rating based on 163 user reviews.

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1 Stars limited chairs in stock

chair department not well maintained. Several boxed chairs in stock did not have displays, many build chairs did not have stock.

(Posted at 4:37 pm on August 9, 2014.)

4 Stars Almost AWAYS find what I need

I have been ordering from for over 2 years. I have had to return two items but the fault was mine. I had read into the descrption further than it was.

The only complaint that I have is delivery people that staples has hired via contract. I know many of the people are quitting because Staples has decreased their pay. Which is crazy!! They do not even make min. wage. I do not agree with this, and I will prob have to stop ordering if there are no delivery people available.

(Posted at 1:03 pm on May 13, 2014.)

5 Stars reissue ink recycling reward?

I went to Staples yesterday to use my ink recycling reward and found it had expired on 8/31/13. It is difficult for me to get to a Staples store so am wondering if this reward could be reissued for a later date. Thank you so much.

(Posted at 8:01 am on September 28, 2013.)

4 Stars Need one closer

Staples has some things that my Office Max and Depot do not. They were significantly cheaper on my printers I purchased. I wished they had a store closer to my office. I would have given them 5 stars but I had to drive about 30 miles round trip to the nearest Staples!

(Posted at 4:36 pm on September 16, 2013.)

1 Stars there managment is a joke

had problem with computor had staples work on and instal new security program to get rid of virus. 3 days later same virus showed up . manager at staples said sorry we tried but you still pay . what a bunch of crap . i only go to staples if I have to . will take ad to another store if i can .

(Posted at 12:22 am on October 12, 2012.)

2 Stars really

oder business cards

(Posted at 9:06 pm on August 7, 2012.)

1 Stars Very Rude Manager with Personal Issues: Staples at the Beverly Center 90048

Awful Greeting: they will greet you with a blank stare.

Very Unprofessional: Manager (Anthony Porter) refused to return my online order because they are a "small store", then he asked me to take back to a bigger store.

When I told him (Anthony Porter) that he'll be hearing from customer service, he was very sarcasting & said:

1. That's okay.

2. I don't mind.

3. They can call me.

Next Day I had Customer service called him, and explained that he must accept future returns.

But I always make sure they receive the worst word of mouth and I have never been back since.


(Posted at 2:07 pm on January 10, 2012.)

5 Stars Friendliest store personnel

Staples in Glastonbury has the friendliest clerks, and the Copy & Print Center is the best in the area!

(Posted at 9:15 am on November 9, 2011.)

4 Stars Online and Phone Coupons

I like to shop in store. Trust me, it is better for you. I always buy more when I go into the store. Why can't I use the coupons that I get mailed to me? They are always for online or phone orders only. I respect the fact that you are trying to build that business, but I actually like shopping at your stores. The people are great and I like poking around.

I would like to be reconized in the form of a deal once in a while for my patronage I a way that I can use it.

Thank you

(Posted at 4:06 pm on April 21, 2011.)

5 Stars Staples Associate

I am a Staples associate I am a lead supervisor) for almost 6 years, and the comments posted by our customers do reflect on us, We take great pride in our work and focus highly on custmer satisfaction. Most of the time only disgruntled or angry customers make remark but it is nice to hear the good stories too.. Thanks.. That lets me know that we are doing a good job ..

(Posted at 11:24 pm on April 6, 2011.)

4 Stars Staples best place to shop for deals

Always receive rewards for printer cartridges, and purchases. Shipping is free after 50.00 or store delivery. What could be better!

(Posted at 6:58 pm on March 31, 2011.)

5 Stars No stress shopping experience!!

Ordering products by phone is a hassle free process, and the customer service reps go out of their way to insure your shopping experience is a pleasant one. The prices of products are usually lower than at other office prodcut stores, and their return policy is wonderful!!!!

(Posted at 2:34 pm on March 31, 2011.)

4 Stars Didn't have what I needed


I went to the site and found exactly what I needed. The site was fast and user friendly. I then ventured to my local store and they didn't have the product in stock. I still got what I needed I just had to order online.

(Posted at 12:36 pm on March 31, 2011.)

5 Stars Staples...Why you should shop there!

I do not often write reviews but would like to take this opportunity to express why Staples is a good office supply store. Customer Service!! Honestly it has very little to do with pricing or inventory because they are usually well stocked but for me it is the service I get from the moment I walk in the store. I can not think of a time when I have entered and not been automatically been greated. Not only that but you can always find someone to direct you where you need to go. If I should have a question about a product I never have trouble getting an answer. This,to me, is the more important than saving a couple bucks. Which by the way you will do at Staples because they do price matching!! They also have a wonderful recycling effort that I find to be useful. Being able to keep my old inkjets and old printers out of my local landfill is very improtant to me. Thanks Staples...Keep up the good work.

(Posted at 10:19 am on March 31, 2011.)

4 Stars Convenient online & in store

Wide variety of products, great online service. Very quick delivery. Sometimes hard to find where a product is located.

Good service in store. Very willing to look for products not on shelf. On my last visit, an employee climbed up a ladder to check boxes on top of a shelf to try to locate the item I wanted.

(Posted at 1:44 pm on March 30, 2011.)

5 Stars great service

I work in a small office and we order all our office supplies from staples. The service is always good and we always receive our order the next day. We recently needed a new printer for our office and the salesperson was very helpful in helping us choose the best one for our needs. We also found that Staples had the best prices for our office supplies.

(Posted at 8:44 pm on March 29, 2011.)

5 Stars Service Maximus

Not having used much of my printer lately, I called my local Staples to see why it wouldn't print, even though it said I had toner. The gentleman that answered the phone explained to me that it might be dried out from lack of use and how to remove it, shake it and check it. When that didn't work he was kind enough to go quote me a price for a new toner. When I got to the store and I asked for someone to help me with toner, a man overheard me and said "I believe I was just talking to you on the phone?" I said yes and without asking what brand I needed he just asked what size I wanted and went in the back and brought me the tomer. I don't see this kind of customer service very often anymore and appreciate it. Staples is Service Maximus to me!!

(Posted at 8:40 pm on March 24, 2011.)

5 Stars Small Business Friendly

I own and operate a small business and my Staples store is a one stop shop for my business needs printing, electronics, supplies, technology and services. The staff is helpful and courteous even at times when they are short handed.

I can purchase online or locally depending on how quickly i need the items. Not to mention the rewards program is great!

(Posted at 10:46 am on March 24, 2011.)

5 Stars experience at Staples

I've been going to staples for the past 16 years geting small and large items I needed for my at home business. The sales help at most of the stores I've purchased items at have been spectacular. I've just had one bad experience at a Staples store in Delaware where it was so busy that myself and several others had to wait at least 20 minutes before someone could help us. But, I understood why, cause of the availability of the items many of us needed in one place. I still shop at Staples and will continue to do so until my business no longer exist.Overall, Staples has one stop shopping for at home and not at home businesses and office needs.I've shopped in Staples stores in several states to include NY, PA, DE and RI and found the same professional attitude in all the stores.

(Posted at 10:58 am on March 22, 2011.)

5 Stars Staples-Satisfaction Guaranteed

I would have to give Staples a 5 Star review. When ever I have to order any thing for our office and I have trouble finding what I need,the person I talk with is always very helpful and curteous. I think it is very important to have people who enjoy talking to people to take our phone orders. Thank you Staples - From a very satisfied customer

(Posted at 10:06 am on March 22, 2011.)

5 Stars Toshiba Satellite Laptop Purchase/Staples' Helps

Laptop is convenient,clear and concise. I like the way Staples staff ssists, informs and shows useage of technology. It seems that the customer is appreciated and I am going to join the Rewards Program since recycling and old ink cartridges give a kickback. I like the organizational layout of the store and overall look forward to get shopping. I Love Staples!

(Posted at 6:20 am on March 20, 2011.)

5 Stars Service on the phone

Whenever I have ordered on the phone the customer service has been excellent. They have been patient in finding the items that have needed. I have also ordered name plates and they have referred me to the correct people to order them. They very carefully stepped me through choosing the correct name plates and explained how I should submit the order.

(Posted at 2:30 pm on March 15, 2011.)

4 Stars staples?

great store- makes competitors pale

(Posted at 1:08 pm on March 13, 2011.)

5 Stars The only place to go for supplies!

I love Staples, not only do they have great deals, they have art supplies too, not alot but enough. I always end up buying more than what was on my list, I needed to find small magnets for a project and lo' they had them, the real strong kind! I love browsing their camera and pc department too, the staff is always right around the corner ready to help, not in your face but available! The best part, if my card doesn't work, I can run home, find the one that does and shop online and get everything the next day free!

(Posted at 9:49 am on March 8, 2011.)

5 Stars Customer Service Excellent

I cannot say enough about Staples customer service. I went in to my local Staples to look at Desktop computers. The Assistant Manager offered to help me and answer any questions. I told him what I was looking for and he showed me what was available with my criteria. Then, after I had decided which one I was leaning toward, he showed me a "bundle" that would save me quite a bit of money. The bundle computer had less hard drive memory, but he assured me that the processor was comparapble to the more expensive PC and explained the difference in the amount of memory. I was so appreciative at how he was willing to show me something that would still meet my needs but saved me money. He also didn't try to force me to buy anything that I didn't need. I love Staples and I will continue to buy all of my technology from them. As a teacher, I also so much appreciate their teacher rewards program! Staples is surely a CLASS ACT!

(Posted at 8:56 am on March 7, 2011.)

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