T-Mobile Reviews

T-Mobile Reviews

T-Mobile Rating Overall T-Mobile has a 3.7 star rating based on 23 user reviews.

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5 Stars Thank you T-Mobile!

I have had T-mobile for about 4 years now and have been very satisfied with coverage and durability of my phones. Compared to all other companies, T-Mobile I have been traveling a lot recently, in the country, and there has not been a time i have had bad reception. I get my upgrade soon and i am very excited to get the new Samsung Galaxy 4G. So, thank you so much T-mobile for your support everywhere I go!!!

(Posted at 8:49 pm on March 17, 2011.)

5 Stars Great!

My husband and I have been with T Mobile for a total of 10+ years and we haven't had one complaint. Our phones usually work when our friends Verizon, AT&T etc. won't. Wouldn't trade for anything

(Posted at 2:34 pm on March 14, 2011.)

4 Stars I have been with every carrier

I had sprint for 10 years. hated the foreign service. then i had att and the call quality was terrible, then i had verizon which was not bad overall, but i like having a sim card. Verizon was too expensive. i think tmobile has been best overall, especially price..

(Posted at 9:04 am on March 1, 2011.)

2 Stars Be Sure to Check If You Have Service

T-Mobile has great prices and excellent phones, but their service range is very limited.

Personally, I had no service in most of my home, at my school, and the road in between. So basically, where I spent 90% of my time.

It was always a pain to deal with having no service when you need it.

If they were to put up more owers, they would be top-of-the-line.

That said, if you check online and you DO get service in your area, I will recommend T-Mobile to you.

(Posted at 9:36 pm on November 30, 2010.)

5 Stars good customer service

Tmobiles customer service has improved dramaticly in the past year. The employees are easier to talk to and are willing to help. They don't act like they know more then you. They treat you with respect.

(Posted at 9:28 pm on November 30, 2010.)

5 Stars Inspires Loyalty

I have been with T-Mobile for three or four years and I love their customer service! They have an easy to use automated service, easy to use website, and when you need to talk to a real person, there is rarely a long wait. The representatives are really friendly without seeming fake and they are usually able to fix my issue to my satisfaction. Even though, I love how the iphone looks and feels, I went with the G1 and it's a great phone - indispensable.

T-Mobile has also offered me some great deals - including free plane tickets and a free phone - for being a loyal customer. I've been tempted to go elsewhere to try new phones, but I haven't yet because I just feel very loyal to them.

(Posted at 11:11 pm on November 25, 2010.)

4 Stars Service/Plans

Ive had a service plan with AT&T and Verizon Wirelss none have satisfied me better than the hospitality of TMobile. With Tmobile the plans are reasonable and employees dont give you the runaround.

(Posted at 1:09 pm on November 17, 2010.)

1 Stars hate it

Never go with them. They tell u they waive activation, then u get a bill with activation charges.

they bill you 1.41 for 911 usage. It's mandatory.

Absolutely horrible. Never. done with tmobile.

(Posted at 1:58 am on November 17, 2010.)

4 Stars tmobile

the good thing i like about tmobile is they have nice phones and so time they work with you if you have a problem about your bill. What i don't like about them is that they change you for the internet service it should come with your phone the service is to high

(Posted at 12:41 pm on November 8, 2010.)

1 Stars Not worth it

I've been with T-Mobile for two and a half years. I hate it! I'm finally switching. I realize they are probably no worse than other cell phone companies in the States, but I cannot get over how outrageously expensive they are and how they take advantage of every possible opportunity to "steal", yes steal, money from their customers. Charging for voice mail retrieval if you've gone over your minutes. Charging outrageous minute prices for going over your minutes. Charging for incoming phone calls (a practice that you only find in the US- don't consumers realize they are paying double for phone calls here!). When I had basic landline service, my monthly bill didn't go beyond $18 a month. Is there anyone looking at regulating this terrible industry? No, not in the greed capital of the world.

(Posted at 1:45 pm on August 2, 2010.)

1 Stars Don't Like Android Phones

Helloooooo to all, well where do I start ooooh yeah well im with T.Mobile since January 11 2009 and I have I sidekick 2008 well its great until that problem that all the darn sidekicks of the world was how can I put this in kind words oooooh yes IT GOT MESSED UP!!!!! And I renew the Contract for an moto cliq the phone was great until they told me how much I was going to pay lol yup almost 90bucks for that I will go with an Iphone and its faster better signal every where lol yup, so I canceled the contract thank you T.Mobile for you 15 day tryout lol suckers lol and I did the same thing with the HTC-D2 it is bad to lol and the motocliq2xt but the H.T.C-D2 is not an android but if it was it would been a great phone but what T.Mobile HAVE TO DO IS GET A NEW SIDEKICK that's what you have to do guys we need a new side kick please and we need it fast ooooh im very tired of T.Mobles Week Signal come on Boost it up over here in Puerto Rico dudes

(Posted at 2:05 am on July 21, 2010.)

5 Stars Get £10 discounts on T-mobile PAYG phones

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(Posted at 6:33 am on June 30, 2010.)

5 Stars Most reliable service of any mobile provider

I have used AT & T, Cingular, Cricket, and Verizon mobile providers over the past decade. For the past four years I have used Tmobile Blackberry Enterprise. Just recently, I purchased a 3G Blackberry Bold 9700. I find the phone connections to be reliable and clear and the data speeds are very favorable. I have recommended T Mobile to friends and co-workers and have not heard a complaint. Any company can buy ad space to declare they have the fastest and most reliable network. T-mobile delivers it.

(Posted at 3:44 pm on June 22, 2010.)

3 Stars Great Phone Selection, but very little options

Tmobile is one of the best networks out there, but recently they are trying to push you to get the data plans along with their newer phones, which could get really expensive. You will either get stuck with a huge bill or get stuck with an old phone that does not require any data plan.

(Posted at 2:55 am on June 15, 2010.)

5 Stars Love it

Its my first and hopefully my last phone service. We get amazing discounts because they know how to treat their customers. They may not be the best in service but they are comparable and better than most. Tmobile is a nice cheap service that delivers great quality and has good phones.

(Posted at 7:24 pm on June 9, 2010.)

4 Stars Cheap Plans, Cool Phones

I just recently found out about T-Mobile's family add-a-line price is only $5 now! That is extremely cheap compared to other companies. The plans tend to be a little cheaper and they seem like they really listen to what the customer wants. Also, the phones they have are pretty cool too. I like T-Mobiles online support, but sometimes it is hard to get connected to a representative.

(Posted at 11:29 pm on May 19, 2010.)

5 Stars Love T-mobile

I have been a prepaid customer since they started up. This is the best plan out there. I pay $100 a year for 1000 minutes. I use it for safety, everyone can afford this plan and it's worth it.

I've never been without service even when I was strained in a rual area.

My daughter has the 39$ plan and loves it. It;s afordable and gives her everything she needs.

I even got resception underground in a subway in N.Y.C

Love T-mobile

(Posted at 8:43 pm on May 18, 2010.)

3 Stars Great Plan Price but Why All the Fees??

I had a T-Mobile sidekick about a year ago and had a 1-year contract with them. I got Unlimited text and Web for only $29.99 a month which I thought was very affordable for what I was getting. I got the bill and after taxes, and other fees it came to over $50 for that month. I looked on the bill and there was a random $15 charge for something I could not understand as well as a few other small $1-$3 charges that I could not understand. I called to ask and they said it was a one time thing. The next month my bill was still about $40. I am still not sure what these charges are for, but the price I was getting for the plan was worth it for that year. I no longer have T-Mobile because of the charges though.

(Posted at 3:59 pm on May 17, 2010.)

5 Stars Awesome Customer Service Department

I have been a customer of T-Mobile for approximately 7-8 years. I am pleased to have this opportunity to submit a review for this company as I cannot say enough good about them. I have never had a problem with their Customer Service Dept., they have alsways been helpful, informative, empathetic, patient and understanding. When at different times two of my children went over the allowable minutes on the family plan, Customer Service understood my desperate plea to see if there was something that could be done. They gave me an immediate credit and made suggestions for another plan type along with giving monthly costs, comparison savings and detailed rules and regulations of each plan. One year later another one of my children went over the allowable number of text messages, once again T Mobile customer service was more than willing to help out with credits and suggestions. I have since changed my plan to include unlimited calling and texting and have never looked back.

Also, living in a fairly small town in New England at times reception can be a challenge with other carriers. With T Mobile, I have been able to brag to co workers when my phone is the only one with service. I work in a high rise brick building with elevators that are known for breaking down, it is very comforting to have my phone display full bars!

While the reception with T Mobile was my primary reason for initially signing up with T Mobile, it has been such an added bonus to have the 'best ever' Customer Service Dept. I wish T Mobile would share their Customer Service training program with other retailers that lose out on sales and customers due to customer service ratings.

(Posted at 9:20 pm on February 24, 2010.)

1 Stars Customer Service has gone downhill

I have been with T-Mobile for 7 years & have been a loyal customer because of their great customer service. Well no longer for me. Beware they are just like the rest of them now. Not concerned in the least with service of any kind.

(Posted at 8:31 pm on February 21, 2010.)

4 Stars Love the new customer deals!

Love the new customer deals great customer sevice from what i hear thanks.

(Posted at 5:40 pm on February 5, 2010.)

4 Stars love my phone

i have the tmobile gravity and it is the best phone ive ever had! it is so easy to txt with its keyboard and takes great pictures!

(Posted at 4:44 pm on February 3, 2010.)

4 Stars service

I love working with this company. They go out of their way for you!

(Posted at 2:58 pm on November 28, 2009.)

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