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Target Rating Overall Target has a 4.4 star rating based on 170 user reviews.

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5 Stars Tar-Jay

Target is where I aim for when I need stuff.

(Posted at 4:51 pm on January 30, 2010.)

5 Stars IPOD Touch

Mommy/Daddy"clause" gave this to our 15 year old daughter as a x-mas present. She absolutely loves loves it. She did have the IPod 64g but in her words "this is way sooooooooooo cool." We did purchase the IPod @ Target and we did appreciate the sales clerk helping us with information, etc. Thanks Target

(Posted at 10:00 am on January 27, 2010.)

5 Stars for best stuff at best price

I'm a believer! has changed the way my family shops. We love, love, love Target! We get all the coolest designs, all the big name brands, quality and most important in these tough economic times - value! There is always something on sale. Coupons are readily available - and I get better deals by combining coupons I find online than what I would pay even at my wholesale club! I can't recommend Target enough - and returns are a breeze - just take your item to your local Target store. No hassles, it's simply a pleasure to shop at Target. Best stuff, Best prices! You really hit the spot for my family! Thank you!

(Posted at 8:32 am on January 27, 2010.)

4 Stars target is better than ever, thanks to walmart

I am an avid shopper, and frequent target and walmart frequently, especially for clothes for me and my kids. Target fashion for women is so ridiculous and out of touch now! But the good news is that thanks to walmart constantly offering all things cheaper, target is forced to keep their prices lower. Still, they are about the same price as old navy, which I think is too high. I will always be a target shopper but they need to offer more realistic clothing for a suburban soccer mom and at a lower price!

(Posted at 2:59 am on January 24, 2010.)

5 Stars Great Place

We just moved and we did most of our shopping here for the house. The prices are right and the service is good.

(Posted at 7:07 pm on January 18, 2010.)

5 Stars Who doesn't love Target?

Where else can I pick up salon shampoo, a birthday card, a picture frame, tonight's dinner, some fun jewelry, and a DVD for family night? It's awesome one stop shopping for all of life essentials.

(Posted at 9:59 pm on January 17, 2010.)

5 Stars Great return policy

I do the majority of my shopping at Tar-jay and have found great deals online as well as in store. Returning is a breeze!

(Posted at 2:39 pm on January 15, 2010.)

5 Stars Great online and offline

I regularly shop at Target in-store, and have never had a negative experience. Most of their merchandise is reasonably priced, they have a wide variety of price points, they frequently turn over merchandise, and there are generally some pretty great clearance deals going on.

Shopping at Target online, I have found, to be just as pleasurable of an experience. The shipping is quick and reasonable, they have a lot of merchandise not carried in the store, and the site loads and functions quickly.

(Posted at 8:50 am on January 14, 2010.)

4 Stars Wish my Target had better deals!

I have lived in many different states, due to we are military. And I can always count on Target to have the items that I always need. the only thing that I find this time now that we live in Kansas, is that the prices are much higher than on the East coast. And they don't as great as deals as other Target stores have. Along with there clearance items.

(Posted at 1:40 pm on December 15, 2009.)

5 Stars target is great!

target always accepts can even stack them! they have great sales too.

(Posted at 10:36 am on November 30, 2009.)

5 Stars Return Policy

Not that I make a habbit of returning, but I shop there so much that I have to from time to time. If I have a problem I have never had any problems returning anything they are great. As for the quality of there clothing is absolutley wonderful. I love Target so much I go there atleast once a week.

(Posted at 7:38 am on November 30, 2009.)

5 Stars prices on merchandise

I would just like to congratulate Target for doing such a good job on maintaing their items priced where you don't have to look all over the store to find prices.I just love shopping in your stores just can,t keep me out of them....

(Posted at 2:47 pm on November 29, 2009.)

4 Stars Love The Target Online Experience

I have enjoyed the online shopping @ Target amongst other stores. I like the sales and speedy checkout. Will be shopping more.

(Posted at 8:31 am on November 29, 2009.)

4 Stars Great return policy

One thing that I love about Target is their 90 day return policy, plus many, if not most, items ordered online can be returned to your local store, saving you the expense and hassle of shipping the item back. Before you order, check the details on the item that you're looking at.

I've ordered many items from Target, including much of my bedroom furniture, and it has all held up well over the past 3 years. One drawer in my dresser didn't fit well and they quickly sent me another one free of charge. The furniture is from the mission collection but it's no longer sold on their site. The headboard piece to this collection received many negative reviews related to it arriving with broken pieces, so maybe that had something to do with it. Too bad for me since I was waiting for them to improve the shipping process so that I could order that piece. In fact I had written to them about the problems with that piece and they assured me that the shipping process was fine. I've deducted one star for that issue.

(Posted at 7:53 am on November 29, 2009.)

5 Stars Target is one of my favorites

99 out of 100 of my retail interactions with Target have been positive. They have a 90 day return policy, a competitive price point and great discounts when items are placed on clearance! Their extended warranty costs are extremely reasonable! 1/3 the cost of Best Buy and other big box stores.

They are an excellent retailer.

(Posted at 9:48 pm on November 28, 2009.)

5 Stars Everybody's favorite!

Great hours, great prices, great selection and easy returns. What more can you ask for? Target generally has the cheapest prices on toys, cleaning supplies and food items. Returns are easy, even without a receipt if you used your charge card. Sales make the bargains even better.

(Posted at 6:02 pm on November 28, 2009.)

5 Stars photo's

I love using the on line photo shop

(Posted at 2:52 pm on November 28, 2009.)

5 Stars First time use

It was very easy and clear to find the television I was looking for. It was less than what I exoected and it helped to have free shipping.


This was the first time I have used and found it easy and clear cut. I will definitely come back again.

(Posted at 2:18 pm on November 27, 2009.)

5 Stars Target online shopping

User friendly FAST shopping. I am 100% pleased with Target's online services and quality products. Will do business again.

(Posted at 5:10 am on November 27, 2009.)

4 Stars Way to Go Target

Target is an awesome store. I love their sales and I always have my eyes open looking for those red clearance stickers. Target's clearance rocks! The employees are always helpful but NOT overbearing. I appreciate that. The only bad experience that I have had with Target is regarding a return. I had my receipt for a bedding set and curtains. I live almost an hour away so I was not able to get back to the store in the alloted time for a return...90 days, I think. When I finally got to the store to return the bedding, the items were clearanced and that is the price that they wanted to give me. I thought this was ridiculous since I clearly had my receipt and had paid considerably more for the items. I elected to keep the bedding set and give it away to a friend rather than give the bedding and my money to Target. This is my only bad experience with Target. I did learn to buy things from Target that I was sure that I would not return. So, other than a stinky return policy, Target is an awesome store where great bargains are to be had!!!

(Posted at 2:20 pm on November 25, 2009.)

5 Stars Fast and Friendly

I stopped by Target last night, just to pick up a couple of items. I was the third person in line waiting to checkout. They opened another register! Thanks Target!!!

(Posted at 11:33 am on November 25, 2009.)

5 Stars Spot the savings

I love Target, they have great deals and exceptional products. I have shopped at target since one came to our town and love it. The atmosphere inside is very inviting and everything is so well organized. I have issues with unorganization and this is one of the only stores I can go in and not feel over whelmed. Thanks to TARGET!

(Posted at 9:59 am on November 25, 2009.)

5 Stars Products

I have always been a huge fan of Target. They have high quality home furnishings for a low price! I am never let down when I shop for children's and adult clothing as well. My daughter loves to get her shoes from here. I would recommend anyone with kids or looking for an affordable way to decorate any room in their house to shop at Target. You will not be disappointed.

(Posted at 1:00 pm on November 24, 2009.)

5 Stars Good prices, variety, some natural products

Target has a wide variety of different products at very good prices. They currently have a net book on sale for $100 less than it costs at Costco. They have nice quality towels and bedding and nice housewares.

(Posted at 11:42 am on November 24, 2009.)

5 Stars Target - the best place to find toys

I love shopping at target for toys, games, movies and clothes. I love the one stop shopping for special deals and for food items. It is easy to return items with your receipt. The cashiers and other employees are very helpful and friendly. Target has the best selection of clothes for the right price. My grandkids love to go there. It is easy to find the merchandise. I love the store arrangement.

(Posted at 11:02 am on November 24, 2009.)

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