Winner of Dell Studio XPS Laptop

Winner of Dell Studio XPS Laptop

Dell XPS 16 Laptop Winner: Theresa N. from Clovis, California

We had a contest where the prize was a brand new Dell XPS 16 laptop computer, and the winner was Theresa N. from Clovis, California. The winning review was her review of

The following is a wonderful note from Theresa about winning, and some pictures of her family with the prize: the Dell XPS 16 laptop.

It was very exciting winning the prize. At first I was a little skeptical. I checked your website until I saw my name as the winner. I was afraid it could be some type of internet hoax to get personal information. I never won anything that big before. The closest I came was winning a $100 i-Tunes gift card a couple of years ago.

Technically, I was the winner of the laptop. However, my children ended up being the even bigger winners. They were always on my desktop, so I couldn't get on it when I wanted to. After getting the laptop, I didn't care if they were on my desktop because I now had a laptop to use. didn't take my children long to take over the laptop. It can be moved all around the house. They love playing online games like Wizard 101 and Club Penguin. The laptop works great for that.

I have gotten to use it from time to time, too. I shop online a lot, and it is very easy to use for that. I guess we all won. My children use the laptop more than I do, but I now get to use my desktop, and the laptop when they are in school.

Thanks for the great laptop!!!

Theresa N.

Dell XPS 16 Laptop Box

Dell XPS 16 Laptop

Dell XPS 16 Laptop Family

Dell XPS 16 Laptop Son

Dell XPS 16 Laptop Daughter

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