Dell Outlet Business Coupons

Dell Outlet Business Coupons

Dell Outlet Business

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Dell Outlet Business Reviews

Dell Outlet Business Rating Overall Dell Outlet Business has a 3.3 star rating based on 11 user reviews.

1 Stars 100% INCOMPETENT

After a week and a dozen calls they have still not answered a basic question about battery life.

The computer I ordered has now been rejected twice after purchase - they say it is not in stock but it is still listed in stock.

Idiots - they never even respond to my questions or complaints.

(Posted at 12:04 am on July 3, 2012.)

4 Stars Easy to Use

Dell Outlet is easy to use, gives tons of options to sort through their products, and concise views of each item. I was able to find the exact same notebook I almost purchased elsewhere for $200 less in the Outlet. I would use it again.

(Posted at 2:37 pm on January 14, 2011.)

5 Stars Nice place to Purchase

I have purchased over 10 computers from the outlet both via website and the call center. I have had nothing but positive experiences with all of my computers as well as the customer service. I would strongly suggest the outlet as an alternative to the regular site since it provides excellent deals and quality service.

(Posted at 3:14 pm on October 13, 2010.)

2 Stars Be careful

I ordered an outlet desktop around 10:00PM my time.

Changed mind. You cannot cancel on online and must wait until the phones open at 8:00AM CT.

Called at 8:00 am CT (6:00 am my time) and they had already "shipped" it.

Called Dellto have hold at FEDEX and got RN Number. Said they would hold it at FEDEX and not ship to me. Checked FEDEX later and it had hold on it. Next day it was on way to me.

Called FEDEX to have returned to Dell. Local rep said no problem.

Lo and behold, later in week it was on truck to be delivered.

Called Dell again. They were able to convince FEDEX to not deliver it. Finally after 10 days it was back at Dell wher it should have never left in the first place.

Now waiting fo rmy refund.

And new system stinks. You used to be able to see all computers for sale. Now they dribble them out 1 and 2 at a time. Guess I will buy elsewhere from now on.

(Posted at 12:42 pm on October 2, 2010.)

1 Stars New Dell outlet site horrible

July 1 2010 Dell changed the website of the outlet for business and home, Now they got higher prices and computers options are by category, So you pay more. There are no more great deals on the outlet anymore and you get less information on the computer you are looking at. So you can order a computer and get different specs. Than try to explain a guy in India what happened... good luck.My advise stay away until Dell reduce the outlet prices. Most of the computers are USED!!! if they are new they call it "new never opened" and the price higher than a real new one on the dell site.

(Posted at 5:03 am on July 7, 2010.)

3 Stars Dell Outlet is okay

The price of the refurbished computer are good, but the service was not so good. I purchase a computer and they cancel the order three times. I had to be checking my computer (email) or my voice mail on my phone, just to make sure they were not canceling my order again.

(Posted at 11:28 am on May 10, 2010.)

4 Stars Dell outlet has reduced prices

Dell outlet has scratch and dent or refurbished computers for sale for quite a bit less. The only bad thing is that you can't customize your machine.

(Posted at 10:03 pm on November 22, 2009.)

3 Stars Could be better

First of all, when you use the outlet, you should know that the website randomly releases the items you've placed in your cart before your 15 minutes are up. To continue, I purchased a refurbished, non-scratch/dent Dell Studio 1555 a month ago. The condition of the Dell seemed fine upon arrival. However, I realized the first time that I went to use my memory card and DVD drive that neither worked. It seems like Dell should have checked everything thoroughly before selling the item to make sure it works. I'm a software engineer, so I know a pretty good bit about computers. The drives/port were dead--not a software problem. Downloading new drivers did not make them work. I spent hours and hours on the phone with Dell (they kept transferring me from department to department). When I finally got the right department, I spent more hours on the phone burning (wasting) DVDs/CDs because the Dell support person wouldn't accept the fact that the drive refused to work. Apparently, Dell support people have a checklist of all sorts of things they are supposed to do before sending out replacement parts. Even though I had looked up the error code I kept getting in the Dell forums and the consensus was that I needed to replace the parts, the Dell representative said he wanted to look into my problem more the following day. It was time for him to get off work. I wasn't happy-- I already was behind several hours for my own job. To make a long story short, the man's manager called me the next day and immediately agreed that I needed new parts. It took about a week for all of my parts to get here for me to fix the computer myself. My wife was going to buy a Dell refurb to replace her dead Dell laptop. However, now, she has decided to go with another brand after having lost faith in the quality of the Dell refurbished notebooks.

(Posted at 8:14 pm on November 10, 2009.)

4 Stars Great if you can find what you want

Dell Outlet has some great deals on random things. You probably won't find exactly what you want, but you should be able to find something close at a great price.

(Posted at 8:34 pm on November 8, 2009.)

4 Stars Dell Outlet

Excellent site and good products. Easy sort capabilities and easy to find features. Only item missing is information about warranty. To see the warranty on a product, you have to put it into your cart. It would be a lot better if this were included in the details. Thanks Dell!

(Posted at 12:03 pm on October 18, 2009.)

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Dell Inc.
1 Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682-2222

Home and Home Office: 1-866-492-6721
Business and Education: 1-888-518-3355
Phone Number: 512-338-4400
Fax Number: 512-283-6161
Toll Free Number: 800-289-3355


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