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5 Stars hotwire

Great prices

(Posted at 8:09 am on April 11, 2011.)

4 Stars Good, if you're not picky about specific hotels

I have used in the past to book hotel stays, and it worked out well. However, if you are extremely picky about where you stay, I would try another site where you can select the exact establishment you want rather than just the star rating and general location provided by hotwire. This does help in getting good deals, though. It's a trade-off that's worked well for me both times I tried. One other note-- it is not possible to book a one-way rental car from hotwire. That was disappointing when I needed one awhile ago, but Hotwire can cover most of your travel needs, and I always try to use it for price comparisons when looking to book a trip.

(Posted at 1:15 am on June 19, 2010.)

3 Stars My 1st Time Experience with

The Prices are really decent on but the setup is the hard part. You have to go through so many screens just to register all your options and always double check information. When you finally get to the itinerary page it's hard to distinguish what it is asking of you. I had to read the full page to discover it wanted me to add a flight member rather than have a designated box preset even though I chose flight + hotel for 2. I don't think you can beat it's competitor prices because I found some of the deals on to be almost 20 dollars cheaper per person, and that 20 dollars can be saved for a room upgrade to a better view. My overall rating would be a 3 out of 5 stars, only because this is the first flight I have ever booked, but I would greatly reccommend their services for the prices they offer. I will be returning in the near future.

(Posted at 11:36 pm on June 14, 2010.)

4 Stars

Hotwire is a very easy site to use. Good descriptions of amenities and locations.

(Posted at 8:04 pm on May 20, 2010.)

5 Stars Hotwire Pricing!

I love Hotwires unbeatable pricing! Every time we need to travel I get online and try to find the BEST deal I can find! There was a time or two when I found a cheaper price but when I looked at the fact that the OTHERS did NOT have UNLIMITED MILEAGE it was like "HOTWIRE WINS AGAIN!"! Now I dont waist time looking elsewhere..I go straigt to Hotwire and Ive also told several of my friends and family members to use them as well! HONESTLY...THERE IS NO BETTER DEALS ANYWHERE ESLE!!!-----Constance McKinzie--Dallas Tx

(Posted at 2:55 pm on May 20, 2010.)

5 Stars It's like playing "Travel Roulette" and you always win!

I love Hotwire! I have been using the site for over 5 years and had great experiences (and saved a lot of money). For instance, about 5 years ago, I got a room at The Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC for 5 days @ $105/day! I've gotten rooms in hotels on Central Park in NYC for less than $200.

I love finding bargains, which Hotwire has in ample supply. But I've also gotten to stay in upscale boutique hotels that have been fabulous! If I were just looking on my own for places w/in my budget, those places would never occur to me.

I've gotten great airfares and awesome rental car deals.

In fact, in all my years of using Hotwire, I have had only one less-than-stellar experience, and that was at a hotel in Cleveland that was supposed to be 3-star but was more like 1.5. If I'd been EXPECTING 1.5, it would have been fine. But I can't let that one mis-categorization ruin a perfect review!

The one thing that is important to remember about Hotwire is that your plans had better be pretty firm because you can't change them and you are charged immediately.

(Posted at 5:29 pm on November 23, 2009.)

4 Stars Only place I go!

Only place I go! You can not beat their prices! Have had to call them when a hotel said I only had one bed after I booked, Hotwire had is all straightened out within 5 minutes!

(Posted at 8:30 am on October 13, 2009.)

5 Stars Can't beat their prices!!

Can't beat their prices!! It is a little scary that you do not know the exact hotel till you buy it but I have never been disappointed!! Always go to hotwire first.

(Posted at 8:28 am on October 13, 2009.)

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