24 Hour Performance PC Sale

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24 Hour Performance PC Sale
24 Hour Performance PC Sale
Posted: 12/3/09Expired
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Dell Home is having a 24 Hour Performance PC Sale, with great deals on Dell Studio XPS, Alienware Aurora and Alienware M15x systems.

This may be the best chance before Christmas to get the best price on a high performance laptop computer or desktop PC.

One of the deals is over 20% off a Studio XPS 8000 desktop computer. Another one is a $320 discount on an Alienware Aurora desktop.

High end laptops are also one sale at One deal is $275 in instant savings on the Alienware M15x laptop. Another deal is for $200 off the Studio 17" laptop with Core i7 processor.

Studio XPS and Alienware computers are great for PC gamers, and they feature powerful graphics accelerators and fast processors.

They also work well for many other purposes, since the fast CPUs, ample memory and large storage space are also needed for digital photography, editing videos, running high-end applications, and many other tasks.

These nice systems also should last longer for 2 different reasons. One is that they have higher end components, which should be more reliable. Additionally, since they are much faster than the cheap systems, it is longer before they are too slow to run the then current programs.

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