91% off 6-Piece Zillinger Swiss Designed Knife Set Deal

6-Piece Zillinger Swiss Designed Knife Set
$200 off 6-Piece Zillinger Swiss Designed Knife Set
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Posted: 5/27/14
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Food preparation can be a chore when you don’t have the right tool for the job. Slicing, dicing and chopping are made simple thanks to the ergonomic design of the Zillinger 6-Piece Knife Set. Containing six essential knives, this set provides a solid foundation for starting cooks and offers a great way for accomplished chefs to add utility to an existing collection. Each stainless steel blade is sharpened to a supremely sharp edge that will slice through anything in your kitchen – refrigerator and pantry, and retain its sharpness for years. Great for chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing, coring and more, these blades can handle any kitchen cutting task with ease. This set pairs sensational Swiss design and precision craftsmanship, resulting in versatile blades that will have a place in your kitchen for years to come. This set features carving, chef, paring, bread, a utility knife and as an added bonus, a ceramic produce peeler. These quality blades are made of chromium stainless steel and feature diamond ceramic non-stick coating. The ergonomic comfort handle make them ideal for seasoned culinary professionals and neophytes alike. Your knives will arrive packaged in a handsomely designed gift box.

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