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Akai Professional RPM3 Production Monitors
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Combining compact monitoring with a USB audio interface, RPM3 monitors enable you to simultaneously play audio from and record audio to a computer through the included USB cable. No special drivers are required. RPM3 monitors can easily record professional-quality audio directly from a mixer, keyboard, microphone preamplifier, guitar effects processor or other audio component. RPM3 monitors have also been magnetically shielded to prevent interference when placed close to computer monitors or magnetic media.

RPM3 monitors provide full-range frequency response to ensure audio reproduction that is pure, yet compact. The lightweight and portable design means the RPM3 system can be easily placed in a carrying case and taken on the road, allowing for reference monitoring anywhere. If you need quality monitors and audio recording that won't dominate your desktop, grab a pair of RPM3 monitors and start recording.

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