Brand New Dell Streak Tablet Only $299.99

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Brand New Dell Streak Tablet Only $299.99
Brand New Dell Streak Tablet Only $299.99
Posted: 8/31/10Expired
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Dell has just released a hot new product, the Dell Streak tablet. It is priced at just $299.99 with AT&T 2 year contract activation (otherwise it is $549.99) and is the true portable, pocket-sized device that does nearly everything: multimedia entertainment, web browsing, email, social networking, digital camera, widescreen movies, video games, GPS navigation, and more.

The Apple iPad 3G is really cool, but it doesn't fit in your pocket, so it isn't that portable, and it lacks some basic features like a digital camera. The new Dell Streak Tablet solves these problems, even though it costs just $299.99 with AT&T activation.

The Dell Streak is much smaller than the Apple iPad, so it is easy to put in your pocket or purse and take everywhere with you. With dimensions of 6" x 3.1" (compared to the iPad's 9.6" x 7.5") it is less than 30% of the size of the iPad. (The downside is that the Streak's screen is only 5" compared to 9.7" on the iPad.) Plus it is also much lighter at 7.7 ounces compared to 1.6 pounds (25.6 ounces) for the Apple iPad 3G.

The Dell Streak tablet includes 2 cameras. One is a forward facing camera to use for things like video conferencing and webcam functionality. The second is a 5.0 megapixel digital camera that has auto-focus and dual-LED flash, and can be used for taking photos and video.

It has plenty of networking capabilities (including 3G mobile broadband, 802.11b/g WiFi and Bluetooth) for giving you wireless functionality. Browse the web, use email, and social networking including your favorite sites and sevices like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, GMail, etc.

Since it runs Google's Android OS, you have access to thousands of apps through the Android Marketplace. This means that you have all kinds of video games and useful applications available to buy and run on this device right away.

You can also pack it with tons of music, movies, videos and other multimedia entertainment. It comes with a 16GB MicroSD card for user data storage, yet unlike the Apple iPad, you can swap out the flash cards so you have unlimited access to storage for tons of movies, songs and pictures.

With the Dell Streak you can even get real-time maps and find the quickest route with the built-in GPS system. This GPS navigation system includes Google Maps, which means that you can easily get turn-by-turn directions with Street View. If you are driving you can use the test-to-voice feature so that you can hear the directions instead of having to read them.

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