$350 off Dell OptiPlex Coupon Code

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Dell OptiPlex Coupon Code
$350 off Dell OptiPlex Coupon Code
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Posted: 7/20/10Expired
Promo code: CMZMFJ5C7T3291
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With the Dell OptiPlex Coupon Code CMZMFJ5C7T3291 you get $350 off Dell OptiPlex 380 desktop computer systems priced at $899 or more. Plus you get free shipping too, since they are offering free 3-5 day shipping on Dell Optiplex 380 computers priced at $599 or more.

The Dell OptiPlex 380 is available in minitower and small form factor (super slim) configurations. If you're short on space, the small form factor is ideal. If you have more room, the Dell OptiPlex 380 minitower configuration offers expanded ports to increase productivity.

Note that this Dell OptiPlex coupon code is not valid on FastTrack systems. This means you cannot use it on order codes ftopt38, FTDPT38 and ftbpt38.

If you need a new monitor too, consider the Performance Mini Tower system, which includes a 19" widescreen display monitor.

You'll need to order some upgrades with that system to meet the $899 minimum price for this Dell OptiPlex coupon code. It probably isn't worth upgrading the processor as it already has a very speedy CPU—a 2.93GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E7500. It is probably a better choice to spend the money on increasing the memory or adding a DVD drive to the system.

It comes with a 250GB hard drive, which is plenty for most uses. However, if more storage is needed you can upgrade to a 320GB hard drive for just $8.

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