Free Harmony 1100 Remote + Samsung TV Deals

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Free Harmony 1100 Remote + Samsung TV Deals
Free Harmony 1100 Remote w/ Discount Samsung LCD TVs
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Samsung LCD TVs just may be the best LCD televisions available. Now has them on sale for just about the best prices anywhere. Once you factor in the free Logitech Harmony 1100 universal remote they are including with these Samsungs, you have an unbeatable deal.

The Logitech Harmony 1100 Advanced Universal Remote is a luxurious product that is ideal for controlling all of your electronics. It will be the envy of all your friends, and make you look rich and sophisticated. Getting one free is quite a deal too, since the Harmony 1100 remote control has an MSRP of $499.

The Harmony 1100 universal remote control features a full-color touch screen. By having this brilliant 3.5" touch screen display right in your hands, it is very easy to control all your electronics devices. Not only is it easy to use, but it looks very cool and sophisticated.

The Samsung LCD TVs are all high quality flat panel televisions. They feature full HD resolution, allowing for native display of 1080p high definition content. They also feature super high contrast ratios, for vibrant colors and crisp, detailed imaging.

These Samsung HDTVs also feature Auto Motion Plus 240Hz technology, for smooth, fluid viewing of fast action sports, movies or video games. Another technological advance that helps these fast action sequences look perfect without any blur is the really fast 2ms response time.

The picture on these televisions look great, but the TVs themselves also look incredible. They feature sleek bezels and the Touch of Color design so that they look beautiful in your home.

There are 3 different versions available. While they all have these great features like 1080p, 240Hz, etc., they come in different sizes.

40" Samsung LN40B750 for only $1,460. A savings of $439 off the $1,899 starting price.

46" Samsung LN46B750 for only $1,669.10. A discount of $629.90 off the regular $2,299 price.

52" Samsung LN52B750 for just $2,119.10. This is a discount of $679.90 off the regular starting price of $2,799.

Not only are these cheap prices after the discount, but rememer these are also coming with the free Harmony 1100 by Logitech. That is a $499 MSRP. Even at a super discount internet price of around $369, getting this free is a great incentive.

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