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Ideal Security Wireless Socket Control
62% off Ideal Security SK635 Wireless Socket Control
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Sensor activated electrical outlet adds security and convenience to where you need it. The SK635 will receive a wireless signal from up to 8 Ideal sensors (including door and window, water & temperature) and will activate the outlet to turn on a light, radio or other electrical appliance. Create a visual alert for the hearing impaired or turn on a radio when entering a room. The socket controller’s versatility allows this product to be adapted to many situations. The SK635 has ETL & FCC approvals. The SK635 can be used as a simple alert with one sensor, or can be combined with Ideal’s complete wireless alarm components to build a whole home alarm system. Ideal’s products can be customized to best suit your security, protection or just convenience needs. Maximum range from a sensor to the SK635 outlet is 30 meters (98 feet). Distance will be affected by certain walls and levels. The SK635 must be linked to an Ideal sensor or remote control to operate. A built-in adjustable photocell is included to control when outlet is activated.

  • Sensor controlled socket
  • Turns on light, music or other electrical device that is plugged in
  • Triggered by any of ideal's wireless sensors
  • Link a remote control to turn on light with remote control
  • This unit must be linked to an ideal sensor in order to function

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