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Lanikai SM-CEK Concert Ukulele
$501 off Lanikai SM-CEK Spalted Mango Concert Ukulele
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Lanikai now offers the SM-CEK Spalted Mango Concert Ukulele with a Fishman Kula Preamp. This acoustic-electric ukulele is constructed from gorgeous woods with exotic figuring and highly contrasting tones due to special construction techniques and a meticulous process used for selection.

The SM (Spalted Mango) ukuleles illustrate Lanikai's spirit of experimentation by bringing exciting, new developments to the ukulele world. The SM-CE uke offers exquisite beauty and a very mellow tone, thanks to the solid spalted mango construction. Spalted mango has a unique tonal characteristic that has the midrange of mahogany but the roundness of spruce. The difficulties in crafting an instrument with spalted mango are greatly outweighed by the resulting tone and striking appearance.

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