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Panasonic SC-PTX7 HDD Jukebox Theater System
$600 off Panasonic SC-PTX7 Hard Drive Jukebox Theater System
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Posted: 3/27/15
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Panasonic SC-PTX7 HDD Jukebox Theater System with Hard Disk Drive & 3.1-Ch System

This Jukebox Theater System is a perfect combination of design excellence and entertainment features you need in today's flat-panel TV age. It's designed to deliver great entertainment, but without all the cluttered look of many other home theater systems. There's no visible center speaker, because it's built into the right and left speakers 151 so all you see are the compact main unit and the right and left speakers.

Thanks to a high-capacity internal hard drive, you can store hours of music recorded from CDs, MP3 and WMA files from your PC, FM and AM radio, and other sources. For easy access, titles and artist names are stored on the hard drive, and Music Shuffle categorizes music into four different moods. Just select the category that fits your mood, and automatically hear the right songs every time.

There are no bad seats in your home theater, with the Panasonic Twin Center System. Because the center speaker is integrated into the right and left speakers, dialogue seems to pour right out of the screen, and sound has a more natural presence than with conventional center speaker setup. Dolby virtual speaker technology gives high-quality sound and a lifelike surround effect. Plus MP3 and WMA music files take on new richness and depth, with built-in digital re-mastering technology that restores high-frequency data.

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