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Sennheiser e838 Stand & Cable Package
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The legendary Sennheiser e 838 cardiod dynamic microphone, offered with a tripod boom stand and 20' XLR - XLR cable. This microphone compares favorably to any microphone in its price range. With the added accessories, this is a great deal.

The Sennheiser e 838 Microphone from the evolution 800 Series has been engineered for the vocalist who needs the vocals to cut through the band. Due to its excellent acoustic properties, the e 838 mic delivers a high signal output to cut through high on-stage sound levels with ease. A gentle presence boost to even tonal response ensures vocal clarity and projection. The balanced frequency response maintains signal quality when moving on- and off-axis during performance. The minimal proximity effect provides for consistently clear bass-end performance when singing closer to, or further from, the microphone. The cardioid pickup pattern provides excellent feedback rejection and good isolation from incidental rear noise. The rugged metal construction and internal damping isolates handling noise.

  • Rugged metal body
  • Shock-mounted capsule
  • Frequency-independent directivity
  • Exceptional feedback rejection
  • Excellent vocal projection

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