Sharp 32" LCD HDTV w/Built-in DVD

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Sharp 32" LCD HDTV w/Built-in DVD
Sharp 32" LCD HDTV w/Built-in DVD
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High definition televisions with built-in DVD players are really convenient, but they have always been quite expensive. Until now. Dell is offering a 32" Sharp LCD TV with built-in DVD player for only $379.99 after using the KKMN9162SRDH4$ Dell coupon code. Plus get free shipping!

The Sharp 32DV27UT HDTV is a 32 inch hi-def LCD television with a DVD player conveniently built-in. This allows you to watch DVD movies without the bulk, wires, and expense of connecting a stand-alone DVD player.

Since modern flat-panel televisions are usually mounted directly on the wall, there usually isn't any space available to put a DVD player. If you do have a shelf or stand, it often doesn't look nice and is in the way. The wires running to the TV make it even worse. Now more then ever it makes sense to buy a television with a DVD player built right into it.

Sharp is a well known and respected brand of LCD TV, and the Sharp 32DV27UT is a nice model. It features a 16:9 aspect ration (perfect for high definition content), a 6.5 MS response time (for fast video), and a 176 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle (so you can watch clearly from just about anywhere in the room.)

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