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Steven Slate Drums SSD4EX
73% off Steven Slate Drums Slate Digital SSD4EX Virtual Instrument
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When it comes to stellar drum sounds, Steven Slate doesn't mess around. And now, you can get a bunch of absolutely killer drum kits at an insanely low price! The Steven Slate Drums 4.0 EX collection gives you 25 awesome kits from Slate's Platinum colection - including the renowned Old Zep drums. Work with unbelievable-sounding DELUXE-series kits, including Rock, Metal, Indie, Vintage, and Funk Deluxe. DELUXE series kits are sampled raw, so you can integrate super-realistic kit sounds into your mixes. You'll also love the included "Mix Ready" kits and jaw-dropping cymbal pack. As with all Slate drums, these samples were meticulously recorded on the best studio gear out there.

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